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  1. hi and thanks for your prompt reply. when i made the claim i asked for all insurances to be included. they still say they have nothing to investigate even though it was taken out after feb27 2003. am i being fobbed off or am i getting it totally wrong? thankyou
  2. sar sent to welcome reply from welcome. twice they have said no ppi on the loan i took out after feb 2003 and yet the agreement clearly states medicare and lifecover! is this not fraud?
  3. just the agreements from the last 3 loans but all the information required from the other two is in the sar information. bit nervous about the court action but will not let them get away without paying. just after some comfirmation from someone who has done this and actually won.
  4. hi can you please give an update as to how you got on i,m in the process of doing the same. many thanks
  5. hi to everyone,new to this so bare with me. in 2000 got involved with welcome finance and over the next 4 yeays took out loans a,b,c,d& e. c&d were both running at the same time and eventually consolidated into e. a,b,c were all consolidating eachother..hope that all makes sense? all the loans had some sort of insurances on them ie medicare,lifecover and ppi. sent a sar and recieved the information. informed welcome would be making a claim and recieved standard reply of not being regulated for the loans of a,b,c,d and to there records they had no ppi showing on e. on credit agreement it shows medicare and lifecover added. was advised to contact the insurer (aviva). replied with letter before action that it was them who issued the loan and therefore them i was pursueing. my question is am i doing right by taking them to court and is there another way?
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