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  1. Looking for some advice regarding pension overpayment. My father had his state pension start in November. They didn't pay him on time so got a back payment of £1000 roughly last week. Yesterday he had the same amount go in again. Clearly a duplicate payment. He has got onto financial trouble over the last couple of years due to I'll health and this payment would certainly ease that. Wondering should I inform them or will they chase him for the overpayment. Thanks in advance Pete
  2. Hi all, First time here and looking for some much needed advice for my parents. Basically my father stopped working 2 months ago due to severe depression. He had bben with the company for just over 4 months and was with his previous employer for 9 months. Prior to this he was a sub contractor and it has just come to light he had not been paying national insurance in that time. My mother works full time and earns around £260 a week before tax. As i said my father stopped working due to severe depression and intended to have a few weeks rest. He has however worsened and is in no state to work at the moment and his employer have said they cant keep his position open. He has just put in a claim for Employment Support Allowance, and today received a call saying because he has not contributed enough NI he cant get any money. My parents are in a private rented property and are 2 months behind in rent. Not only is he getting worse mentally because of the situation but my mother is now at her wits end. Can anyone advise on what action they can take and whether the decision to not award any benefit is correct. Any Info will be greatly welcomed and i thank anyone giving so in advance Cheers Andy
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