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  1. Great, thanks. Also, searching this website I found out for certain that NextCredit is a trading name of Toothfairy. About time these companies were forced to trade under one name, one license. Would make things much simpler and stop the manipulation that goes on. Thanks for all your input, Nao.
  2. Thanks Nao, I am really curious, now. I have used Paycheckcredit several times over the last year when I have been really stuck. Because I am a repeat customer I only have to send a txt to get another loan. Last week I tried to borrow £100 for 14 days. I sent my txt off and got a reply saying "loan approved". Only problem was I usually get a second txt a few seconds later saying "money transferred". The second txt never came and neither did the money. That is when I started digging about and found their website was down and that they had their license revoked. So I thought that would be it. End of Paycheck, end of story. But.... Yesterday I received a txt saying "money transferred". Their website was back up and lo and behold £100 appeared in my bank. Great! Except I have just looked at the legal documents that automatically get emailed along with every money transfer and the legal documents say that I have signed up to a legal agreement with MCO CAPITAL. How can this be if they are not allowed to trade????
  3. Great find! I don't think Lending Stream fits in to this picture. But it looks like the people behind Toothfairy/Paycheckcredit are running a three ringed circus.
  4. Lending Stream Terms.... 10.The Promoter is Lending Stream LLC. Contact Address: Lending Stream, Wisteria Camrose House, 2A Camrose Avenue, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 6EG, UK. Registered Address: 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400, Wilmington, DE 19808, USA.| Registered in the State of Delaware,USA | Registration Number: 4124111, Consumer Credit Licence: 0643942.| CCTA membership number: 860 | BCCA membership number: 5288
  5. According to CH... Date of Incorporation: 18/08/2011. Guess Toothfairy/Paycheck knew the ship was sinking and had a backup in the pipes.
  6. Yep, Identical. But check this out.... Click on this link....http://cd.paycheckcredit.co.uk/
  7. Nao, That is very strange. That is not the site I go to when I type http://www.paycheckcredit.co.uk in to my address bar. The website page looks different and the the terms are different. Try typing the actual address (http://www.paycheckcredit.co.uk) in to your browser. See what you get. Thanks again.
  8. Hi Nao, Thanks for your reply. I just looked at Paycheckcredit's terms on their website and it states... 12. We are registered at Companies House as MCO CAPITAL LTD trading as Paycheck Credit. Our company number is 6472855. Our main business is consumer lending. We are regulated and authorised by the Office of Fair Trading (the "OFT") consumer credit license 613263. Where did you see them state they were CIM Tech? Surely, if they lost their CCL it would be illegal for them to start trading a few days later under a different CCL? Thanks again.
  9. Hello everyone. I was wondering if anybody here knows what the current official position is on Paycheckcredit? I know MCO Capital got fined and had their CCL revoked. I believe they were allowed to continue trading pending an appeal. Does anybody know if they have appealed? It is already known that Paycheckcredit and Toothfairy Finance are connected. My real question here is where exactly does Paycheckcredit stand today? Are they allowed to trade at this moment in time? Thanks!
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