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  1. It was all charges, my conversations with Natwest were all decent, they even repaid a few charges since they didn't make sense to keep doing it when I explained my situation.
  2. Put something in about a year ago, it I was overdrawn for about 400 until Natwest started to contact me. I'll see what Natwest say tomorrow anyways I guess, ty.
  3. Didn't pay Natwest a penny as there was no repayment plan setup in their error and not once written to them regarding the overdraft. About 2 years since I went over the overdraft limit.
  4. Hey there, Just had a call from a relative from a previous home address telling me Allied International have a 'urgent personal message' for me. So I google'd who there were before calling and thank god I did because it led me to a long thread with years of history on these forums. First of all as of a few years I no longer live in the UK, I now reside in France everything written below has happened since I'm in France. I'm 99% sure its to do with an overdraft I have with Natwest, after a few conversations months ago where Natwest had setup a repayment plan with me then jus
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