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  1. The problem has been solved. Lloyds is such a great bank! For any similar case, just simply call +44 1733 347 007 from abroad and explain your case. The counselor probably process your case and the bank will charge you £6.24 for interest rate in 8 days. No need to pay any overdraft fee. Simple and quick. Good customer service. Love Lloyds. Many thanks for all answers that I received during last 2 days. I really appreciate that and wish you all the best.
  2. Hi, I have been trying to find Lloyds' email but effort fails. All contacts are telephone numbers only, and international call is too expensive to make. Do you know email of Lloyds Tsb in UK or any other way to contact them to explain my case in words? Many thanks.
  3. Hello, It's true that I can receive the refund (thank God!). But at the moment of direct debit, I have no money in bank account, so overdraft charge applies Now I know that I should pay the debt (as previous answers). But should I contact the bank to close my account as well or put £80 back to my account to pay it? Many thank for all answers!
  4. Many thanks for your response. It really helps! Btw, if I close the account, do I still have to pay the debt? Or the bank can give me some support and cancel this amount? Many thanks.
  5. Hello, I read through all the posts here, but couldn't find any similar case. I've just left UK last month without cancelling my Amazon premium subscription, which charged me £49 on 1st October. Lloyds made it into overdraft charge, and now I have £80 overdraft fee. Unfortunately I have left UK already and withdraw all money from my bank account. Can I be traced for this unpaid debt? Or worse, will I be brought to court for this debt? Although this amount is not big, I'm afraid it will be doubled (or tripled??) and become a large amount in the future? I live in Asia. I feel awkward now Please consult me.
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