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  1. Hi, I wonder if any one can advise, I have just received a message from a friend who advised she had just been barred from the local village shop which is also the post office, she said she was paying for her items with her young daughter and her mother and forgot one item as it was on the pushchair, this is a local Nisa shop, the owners son came over and accused her of stealing, despite my friends protests and she hadn't left the shop yet either, she felt intimidated, humiliated and was bullied into signing a form, I dont know what this form was, but is there anything she can do???
  2. Hi All, Hopefully someone can offer some advice, I shall try and keep it brief I work for the Local Authority for Children's Services in a Residential home. In March 2011 our home was closed for refurb 6-8 weeks, this did not happen and we were all temporarily re-deployed to a secure unit, I stayed for 8 weeks and was moved to a disability open unit as I was suffering greatly with Migraines, I have always suffered Chronic Migraine, but been able to control them pretty well with medication but due to the environment changes and nature of the work in the secure unit I could not manage them, my manager and service manager obvious acknowledged there was a problem and made reasonable adjustments by moving me to a disability open unit until a decision was made over as to if my original unit was to close ( the one that was to be refurbished) with me so far. So i remained at the disability unit for 14 months and then the Local Authority decided to close my original unit, we had the unions in ect ect and they stated in 1-1 consultations that I had to either accept a position at the secure unit or would be made redundant as there were no positions at the disability unit I was currently working at for my grade, I asked if I dropped grades (take a pay cut) then I would prefer to stay at the disability unit for health reasons, as at that point the disability unit had 2 posts available at a lower grade, still with me So the Authority said if my doctor confirmed that I suffered Chronic Migraine and that working in the secure unit made them worse at that time then they would allow me to drop grades and remain at the disability unit with protected pay for 18 months, excellent i thought perfect. So long and short my doctor writes a report which states the Migraines increased, I was suffering stress induced illness whilst there (oh he signed me of whilst i was working at the secure unit btw) and that should I return then this could have an adverse effect on my mental health and lead to high levels of sickness due to increased migraines as I cannot control them. After they received this report they said there was no longer a post available at the disability unit, however they had given the other post to another person whom could have gone to the secure unit and has not got health problems, anyway thats another issue. So I am told that they will make reasonable adjustments ie I can have a break, I can speak to a manager and take time out after its risk assessed blah blah and they ask me to have a 4 week trial period there, but first i do 2 weeks of half shifts then 1 week 3 quarter shift then onto full time, so the manager of the secure unit is not even included in all this and is not amused when I arrive for my first shift and tells me he cannot accommodate me, urgh so I direct him to the person dealing with it coz its really not my problem that he has not been included. Anyway all is ok ish still obviously getting migraines but i can deal with it coz only there for few hours, once start full time my head just blows off almost, debilitating is just not a strong enough word I am suffering constantly, taking meds all the time, my rest days are spent in bed and drugged up, almost ended up in hospital at one point, I have seen Occupatoinal health a few times and they have been very supportive, my manager has outrighly stated and documented he doesnt want me there coz i am a risk to myself and the clients due to medication and of course sickness (not coming into work) which I can understand and Occupational health are saying its not a suitable alternative position. I am due to see my doctor today, I am so exhausted as I dont really get any proper rest and my partner thinks I am suffering depression as i am also getting anxious when driving to work which in return causes headaches, its a catch 22. So I suppose my question is can they make me redundant??? and will they actually make me redundant knowing I will take them to a tribunal for unfair didmissal/ unfairly picked for redundancy, and also they are causing my health to deteriorate I know my Migraines protected under DDA The medication I currently take is Topiramate, Zolmitriptan, Naproxen, I have tried absolutely everything and have suffered for almost 20yrs but have always been able to manage them and rarely had an issue at work up until all this. Thank
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