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  1. Hi it states the following on their website By signing in to this site, you are agreeing to our T&C of use, and the use of cookies for authentication purposes However when you click on the terms and conditions on the homepage it doesn't do anything, so I assume that you cannot access them without signing in
  2. Thanks we will end account and transfer - politely saying we cancelled it over the phone at the onset of being informed it would no longer be a subscription service - many thanks for the advice
  3. Hi, thanks for response - we do own the domain name, we purchased through Namesco online, and renew it every 12 months - just been renewed ( ajlifestyles.co.uk ). We have been asked that if we contribute £260 upfront and renew our membership at £29 per month, they will waive any other existing charges - we don't believe we have any debt incurred as we told them on at least 3 occasions that we wanted to cancel from the onset of them introducing a subscription. No money has ever been requested, nor any correspondance received stating that we were on subscription nor any correspondance stating that we were supposedly owing such amounts. What I am asking is can we transfer our webhosting and ignore the debt, or are we obliged to pay such back payments, when we categorically have never entered into any agreements nor received any confirmation of such - many thanks
  4. Hi, 3 years ago my wife and I set up a small letting agents for family and friends and paid for a package of support from a recommended company specialising in set up packages for small businesses in our field, inc 3 years support, web design, offering free uploads of properties etc etc. After 1 year another company contacted us and explained if we wished to continue using the upload facility on our website then it would cost £29 extra a month - after going back to the original supplier they informed us that it was still a good deal, but it was out of their hands. After being telephoned on 3 separate occasions by the new company offering the new subscription service we told them on each occasion we had no intention to subscribe and that we would not use the facility, but it was explained that despite us not uploading new instructions we could still log in and edit existing details which were input during the first year of our original package. Recently we were notified that our 'property search' page no longer had any existing information on, but was directed to another random site. We asked the existing company who we purchased the package from and they referred us to the new subscription company. They told us that in order to rectify the problem they would need 24 months of unpaid subscription totalling in excess of £600. We have never had any paperwork, nor correspondance informing us that the account was still active and they were still applying charges to the account. What concerns me is that if we had not been notified of the mistake, how far would these charges have accumulated. Obviously we have not acknowledged the debt, and would very much welcome any advice - regards jase5red
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