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  1. Thanks honeybee. I should have paid more attention to where I was posting, sorry bad day going down hill. But thank you for moving my post ))))
  2. Nah always search first, and if the company is giving a cheaper price online, you can politely ask that you have the cheaper quote. And if the company refuses, just go to comparethemarket or gocompare and get one cheaper somewhere else, its your companies loss, seeing as these days it only takes minutes to renew, even with another company. If your current company doesnt want your money, then there are dozens who will take it.
  3. Last June my AA car insurance was up for renewal. It was over £300 higher than the previous year. Wouldnt mind but Id had no accidents, no claims and had 14 years NCD. I went onto some insurance compare site, entered my details, and low-and-behold the AA listed three quotes, one which was £25 less than my cover I had in 2011. I called the AA and asked them to check the ref number from the website, and asked if the cover was the same as what I already had. Thankfully it was. So I asked why the renewal letter was £300+ higher, which they had no answer, but I asked for the website quote which they (un)happily agreed to because it was what was offered online. This year I got quotes for over £800 and the AA hadnt even bothered to do a proper search. Again no accidents, no claims, and another year added to my NCD. So I did another comparethemarket search and found priviledge to be under £380. So guess who cancelled the AA and switched to Priviledge ? Hopefully one of the nice members here will agree with me and say that if your insurance company is offering a cheaper price on a comparison site, for the same cover, then you can have the cheaper price.
  4. Hi Everyone. Hopefully a simple question here. A WP08 form was filled out by A4E, because I turned up for a course and asked to leave 20 mins early to sign on, they reused and cancelled the course saying they would rebook. So I received a sanction doubt, replied to it but received a sanction for the whole month of Jan 2013. I put in a Subject Access Request (SAR) so I can appeal the sanction. The paperwork I have received includes all paperwork from A4E. Two sheets in particular interest me. One sheet looks like a memo, but all the details have been blanked out with two big black squares. Just as all the other A4E sheets where the A4E staff members name has been blanked out. One of these forms was a WP08, a statement of what happened when I turned up at the A4E office, and I left. The person who signed this form has had his name / email blanked out. But thankfully the DWP sent me their copy of this form showing the persons name and email. The person who signed the statement wasnt even one of the members of staff from my A4E office. So can a person, who didnt witness the actuall events, sign a form saying the contents are true and accurate ? The next point is that the staff on the WP08 form stated "The client did not turn up to the event". But I also received some more A4E screenprints, where one of the comments on the system, regarding this event states "Client arrived at office, but did not wish to stay for the course". Which is rubbish. So the local office staff have entered one comment saying I arrived at the office, but the statement states I didnt even turn up. Can I use the line that the statement has to be signed by a witness who was actually there and witnessed what happened. And can I also use the two different comments to cancel the sanction, as the two comments stated above contradict what happened. I ask because if you state specifically in a statement that "The client did not turn up for the event" then in my mind thats plain english, stating I didnt call, didnt go in and say HI, didnt just sit in the reception area and then leave or didnt even stick my head round the door and say I wasnt doing it. It states I didnt even turn up, when the other system notes state I did turn up, ie doesnt matter that the staff cancelled my appointment and said they would rebook, because its my word against theirs, but having two A4E docs stating completely different comments should be a good reason to appeal. Thanks Phillip
  5. Hi Everyone. Just a quick question. I have a four page letter of complaint against the DWP, which is being sent recorded / registerd (which ever one needs them to sign for it). This letter is mainly about my local branch Jobcentre. My question is : My signing advisor has now been changed to one of the staff that my complaint relates to. Friday last week I asked the Customer Service Manager for a complaints form, and I have had to sign with this new advisor on this Monday (8th Oct). She was basically rude and aggressive, plus a whole load of other problems I have had with my Jobcentre. So as my complaint involves her, can I request a different signing advisor ? Hope you wonderfull people can help.
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