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  1. Has anyone else had to do this? I am still puzzled? Tony
  2. Hi I put a claim into Cap one 10 wks ago on fos questionare regarding claiming back ppi on my platinum cc. Got this response back...which i am think is totally unacceptable. I note that you have stated that you were employed at the time,you requested ppi. But did not disclose your income, we will require evidence of this to allow us to conclude our investigation. This will need to be a letter from HMRC on their headed paper , showing your class 1 or class 2 national insurance contributions for tax year April 99 to April 2000. Without this infomation we will be unable to determine if any redress is due. If we dont hear within 4 weeks this matter will be closed. 1 - did not request ppi at the time the application was completed via the internet. the application would not let you procceed unless the yes box ppi was ticked. I telephoned at the time regarding this glitch in there system told them i did not require ppi told they would remove from the application. 2 - If i had not declared my income then surely my application would have been rejected for the credit card?? Would welcome any adivce/help with my next move with Car one........helppppp Tony
  3. Hi The loan agreement number is a typed number and the ppi box has a typed cross in situ. What is a soc spreadsheet???
  4. Hi whats soc spreadsheet? I requested duplicate statements from my bank,for 2004/2005 but they no longer hold records that far back?......Am totally confused at the fact that the loan agreement number which is in my name and address at the time.HFC are saying that loan number is in somebody elses name?? I will send them a copy of the loan agreement
  5. Hi Would be gratefull for any advice I put in a claim for ppi on a loan (Nov 2004) I do not have bank statements for 2004/2005 but recollect It was for a car. I have a copy of the loan agreement (not signed by either parties) I used the fos claim form which was sent by recorded delivery on the 17th Aug.with a copy of the loan agreement because the 8 week deadling was up..with no corrispondence from HFC. I telephoned them today to chase my claim.....the response was as follows They have no details of any claim or account with them? this was followed by me giving them the loan agreement number.. and quoting that they signed for the claim form on the 19th Aug. Response the loan agreement number i provided to them was not my name or address? they do not have a copy of the loan agreement They also require copies of bank statements to prove payments were made. A letter was on its way to me regarding my claim strange since they started off telling me they have no record of my claim form or any details of this loan on there system? Would welcome any advice on what should be my next move should be with HFC Tony
  6. Quick update....telephoned MBNA to request there worksheet calculations...told no problem they would action and sent it to me.The following day received cheque for refund? (am not banking it) until i get the worksheet calculations to check the refund is correct. Tony
  7. Thanks I have only got 3 statements which i submitted to MBNA with my claim form,I assume i write to them asking for there worksheet calculation?? or phone?
  8. Hi am new to the forum,and seeking advice regarding my MBNA refund offer. The claim relates to credit card ppi,from sept 2001 when MBNA took over from Abbey national (Abbey have settled ppi up to Aug 2001). The account was i think settled/closed in 2007/2008 cant remember, I placed a claim for ppi refund on the 21st Aug via questionare, got a letter back stating they could not find any infomation regarding my claim....phoned them up and by magic they located my details. just recieved the following offer letter Following review of your complaint i have identified that MBNA acquired your account from ABBEY,and that the sale of ppi was made with themprior to MBNAbecoming your service provider.When your account was transferred to MBNA,new ppi policy terms and conditions were issued to you and you were given the opportunity to cancel your policy,should the new terms and conditions not meet your requirements.However as a goodwill gesture of goodwill i have arranged a refund of the premiums and associated interest that have been charged by MBNA since the date of transfer to be made. In order to calculate your refund we have worked out how your balance over time would have changed if you had made the same monthly payments without ppi.Therefore we have notionally reconstructed your statement balances by removing the ppi premiums and associated interest.This includes interest arising because the ongoing monthly balanceon your account was higher than it would have been if you had made the same payments without ppi. If there is any statement period where after deducting your premiums and associated interest,your balance would have gone into credit,we have added 8% simple interest for that statement period.If there is no statement period during which your balance would have gone into credit,you will not receive any 8% interest. Accordingly we have calculated the refund as follows. Total amount of ppi premiums charged since date £468.41 Total amount of associated interest £71.20 Applicable 8% interest £406.64 Total amount payable £946.25 Can anyone please advise /recommend what my next step should be ,interest seems very low? is there any calculatior i could use to check if there offer is fair. Help.........help
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