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  1. Just the basic formal complaint to kick things off and included letters to Newlyns also, saying they have provided no breakdown etc. "I hope this letter finds you well, I am writing to bring your attention to your instructed bailiffs, Newlyns; who are causing me much distress. This is an official complaint and I would like to go on record to say that this company you are instructing are constantly caught trying to force and bully small business owners into paying fraudulent charges. I had no prior knowledge of this visit and fully aware of the regulations set
  2. Hello Tom, In answer to your old question the compressor unit is rather large and bolted down. The council wrote back and say they don't have a problem with the bailiffs fees. I'm going to reply now and say they have levied incorrectly and will offer them attending to levy fees. I will post up what the council said to me later on. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you Tom, this confirms what I suspected, I did make a formal complaint to the CEO of the Council, I also mentioned to Newlyns that the goods they levied on were not mine in my first letter. I'm happy to pay the £68 levy fee since well, we are a commercial business so hard to keep these guys out. I'm going to make the payment as full and final settlement and copy in both Newlyns and the council into my letters, I always send letters rather than emails, always recorded delivery. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for the reply but not really sure how this relates? In any case since the bailiff has already been inside the premises he would be able to gain access by default now wouldn't he?
  5. Hi Tom, thanks for replying, It was for £1600, I made a payment of £1000 and then £600 immediately after the bailiff visit, direct to the council. The bailiff levied on an old TV and a compressor unit (which is the landlords as part of fixtures and fittings)
  6. Hi, New to the forum, hope all is well! I've paid my outstanding business rates direct to the council after a visit from Newlyns. They are trying to charge me for a levy and removal of goods £335, but this was on a first visit, the levy is £68 and the removal fee makes up the rest. They got inside so I dont have a problem paying the levy but I read that they can't charge for both on the first visit with no prior warning. I've read this forum and written to the CEO of the council and asked for a breakdown etc. They are quoting Section 1 C of the non domestic rating, regulation 1
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