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  1. Hi hoping for some advice. I am currently 10 months into my bankruptcy, I did not get an IPO at the time of my interview as my disposable income did not allow. I have been offered a new job which will obviously change my situation. Should I hold off until I am discharged before taking a new job? What would happen if I didn't say anything how would they find out / or do I have to say anything? Appreciate anyone who has any experience in a similar situation.
  2. Hi all. Currently in a bit of a mess with a quite a few debts and looking for some advice please. I have been in contact with money expert ltd after speaking to a friend who basically said my credit score is bascially screwed for the next 5 years due to the default, and said I was wasting my time struggling to clear all my debts as I was. Money expert advisor agreed with him and said if i paid them £500 per month they could have me debt free in as little as 26 months or less if I were to pay more each month. Although I would have more defaults it makes no difference as I already have 1 and could not get anymore sort of finance anyway. I am currently working and take home £2600 per month. My outgoings for rent household bills and maintenence for my children without paying unsecured debt are between £1900 - 2050 per month unexaggerated. Debt 1 Shop direct / Very£5200 now Defaulted This is the main reason I am now looking at my situation. I had 3 catolougues with Shop direct. Last year Augurst 2011 i took a loan to clear nearly all my debts with barclays. I cleared 2 of the catolougues and wanted to clear the last one but there was mistakes on the account when I asked for a settlement figure which they agreed to look into on the phone and also agreed there was mistakes, i waited and waited and stupidly did not pay anything for all the months whilst I was waiting, although I did telephone them every other I check my credit file regularly and they did not put late payments against my account all the time it was going on and being looked in to. I also still have furniture that is faulty relating to this account that has had an enginers report and stated it is faulty this is valued at over £1000. In march this year I recieved a call from a debt collection agency about the debt and very had sold it to them to collect. I then recieved a notification from credit expert saying I had a default on my file. The debt collection agency sent it back to shop direct and removed the default, i then contacted shop direct which allocated to a manager who repsonded saying I had broken the terms of my credit agreement and then sent it back to lowells who then in turn put a default on my account again. I then gave up. Debt 2 No problems Barclays overdraft £2400 Debt 3 - 2 payments late Allliance & leicester Overdrat £900 An old account i stopped using and missed a few agreed payments by error a standing order i setup wrong. I can pay this off over 4 payments agreed with A&L / Snatander. Debt 4 No late payments Credit Card £2900 owed Debt 5 No Late payments Credit Card £2300 owed Debt 6 Barclays Loan £7777 owed No Late payments Debt 7 Credit card £1150 1 late payment in 12 months by accident. My brother is using this card and pays it every month. I have 2 other small debts with black horse for a bed and a sofa through DFS one is £150 and the other £350. both up to date.
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