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  1. This is the same email address i have had for years the same one that egg would of had when the loan was originally taken out.
  2. Thankyou for all your help its much appreciated so who should i send the letter to ? Egg, Capquest or Scott and Co ?
  3. hello i have managed to find a payment i made in Jan 2008 to capquest so that rules the limitations out What about Scott and Co can they make a charge for payment against me can the sheriff come to my house, i dont have anything i live in a rented house so scared i only just have enough money for my daughter and me can they arrest my wages? what should i do, should i contact scott and Co i am still yet to receive an actual letter i just have emails
  4. Hello, please Helpback in 2003 i was with a plonker who took out an unsecured Loan with Egg in my name for several reasons i had to up sticks and relocate myself and my daughter needless to say the Debt was not repaid.Some time later after relocating to Scotland i started getting chased from Capquest around 2007/2008 but for unknown reasons all communication stopped i dont think i actually agreed to the loan being mine or made any payments but i cant be sure.about a month ago i recieved an email from a debt collectors in Scotland Scott and Co from their litigation department asking me to contact them, i have not had any letters just emails, and i have recievd another today saying i must contact them immediatley, Do i contact them or do i ignore it, it was so long ago, but i am scared they take me to court, there is nothing on my credit file and i have spent the last six years paying off a heap of stuff that wasnt mine- but all in my name stupid girl i was.Your help is most appreciated as i really am scared they arrest my wages or soemthing
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