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  1. Are you on a starter tenancy with the HA or are you secured. In any case prior to repossesion they would need a court order and i feel a judge would be reasonable. However as the others have said,talk to the H A.
  2. Although many pdls have improved their service that is hardly exciting news as anything would have been an improvement. I would certainly not talk on the phone. Email or letter only,not only is it your right it also in my opinion sends out a message saying you will not be pushed around but want to keep a dialogue open.
  3. Please do not go down the roll over route. Have they taken any money out of your bank recently? If not make sure your money is secure and ignore them.
  4. Hi If i have read this correctly you have not yet defaulted on your debts or at least not defaulted on your two cards. They are all taken out in the last 6 years. If you go BR now it will cost you just over 700 and in all likelihood you will be discharged in a year and in 6 you will have a clean credit file. If you opt for a dmp you could be paying these debts off forever. Of course 6 years after the default that will come off your credit file BUT a dmp is not legally binding and someone could apply for a ccj or issue a SD at any time. Just my view,tell me if i have the facts wrong.
  5. Well i have been through it,but to be honest constructive advice before i went would have been far more effective.
  6. Hi Stewey. I do agree that excess stress in a scourge of the modern western world. Of course normal levels of stress are useful to us. All i was trying to say was that although i believe the system is broken people making unfounded accusations can at worse become a self fulfilling proffesey. People are stressed and get a letter about an atom assessment,they read up and get more stressed and then what? See what i mean.
  7. Penny ignore what cfo say. In my opiniom you only owe what you owe now plus maybe a default fee
  8. If it was me i would write " Pleaded cancel any continuous payment authority you may hold with immediate effect. I also remove any rights you may have to debit my account. " If possible copy in the regulations i think they are in a sticky on the pdl thread. I am no expert here just saying what i would do.
  9. Just to try and put your mind at rest i know of someone who got a suspended sentence for 50k of benefit fraud and someone else who got a suspended sentence for 25k of fraud against a company.
  10. What she should do as well is send an email to each and copy herself in removing any cpa. She should also tell corkscrew bank that actually they are legally obliged to rescind any cpa. Somewhere on here are the regulations. Print them off and drop them into the bank today.
  11. Another assumption. So they send it to opos and issue a DN. They can only register that if you do not pay it by the time stated. After that s89 ( i think) comes into play. Was reading something on another website earlier.
  12. I agree about the bill. When i first moved into my flat my usage seemed very high so i queried it. They changed the meter and amazingly my bills dropped. 4k is a huge amount of arrears. Maybe it was built up of years of estimated readings. Some history would help.
  13. All very mse lol. If the poster has lots of debts there are options such as BR or a DRO. Then there is http://www.turn2us.org who may be able to help.
  14. I would say that it should really be another bank. If the old account goes overgrown the bank can use what i think is called set off to repay the debt out of her new account. I am sure someone will correct me if i am wrong.
  15. I can not tell you what to do but if it were me i would complain to the oft then put in a formal complaint to kristel regarding excess fees and the fact they will not provide bank details. After that ignore until you get a proper response
  16. Ripped off they are taking the p. I would go back with an offer of 150 or less. Actually i would go back and say sod off but that is just me.
  17. It may well be close to communism and i agree just as capitalism doesn't work neither does communism. Maybe a mixture of the two as i believe Lenin tried but was ruined by Stalin. Whichever way you look at it we are screwed
  18. It is relevant to the post by unglebulgaria.
  19. Maybe a question is,why do we need lifestyles greater than that of the 70s. We expect standards of living to increase year on year along with corporate profits. Maybe it is just wrong. Maybe we should all be paid say 20000 and those with more talent do it for the good of society. Not much chance.
  20. Thank you @zydeco. Gladstone,just reread your post and i do take exception to you saying i am encouraging bad English. My own written expressive English is far from good and that is maybe why i do not condemn others. I do however deplore text speak unless used in a text message. However until proved otherwise I stand by my previous post.
  21. As long as you are sure. I wouldn't want you to be screwed over. You should receive the maximum you are entitled to. Contrary to how it may appear i am all for getting full entitlements just hate people who screw the system.
  22. I know because i know what the criteria are and also know they haven't claimed under the special rules. That is exactly what i was saying,it is harder to prove you need certain care needs when you are not living alone,such as eating,getting up,getting dressed,going out,shopping. Every one of those is an issue for me when i am alone but with encouragement that i get when my oh is around i do those things.
  23. I think so but don't quote me. Remember if your mum is getting a disability premium she may well lose it.
  24. Just the difference.The rest would be offset by an overpayment of IS
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