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  1. Can you move my post, please? or explain how i do it? Im very new to this site, thx.
  2. The council pays my rent on a private rented property for me, and my children. My dad agreed to be guarantor for the property when i moved in almost 3 years ago. I have never missed a payment. My father retires in April 2013 and obviously doesn't want to be guarantor of the property any more. Ideally i do not want to move house, and disrupt my children, however my landlady when we got house nearly 3 years ago required this. Is there anyway i can stay here without this? What options do i have? Is it all down to talking to landlady? or is there some legal jargon somew
  3. I claim job seekers (I have 2 children) I am eligible for the £250 grant (should i get a job) I have broken my toe (I consider myself still actively seeking work, and very mobile on crutches.) I am worried they will say i cant claim job seekers, is there anything i can say or do to prove this will not effect roles im seeking? 'IF' i am signed onto a temporary sick thingy for 6weeks apx (if drs need to pin it/cast it, as will be discussed in referral) Will this mean i cant claim £250 Grant (welcome back into work) unless ive been seeking work for however many months it is a
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