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  1. I only have mobile banking app to go on, but it is showing as the tax credits went in and then the 88.00 went out afterwards.
  2. Hello, apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place This morning my bank took 88.00 out of my 102.00 child tax credits. Can they do this? I know at least 2 of these 8.00 charges are for my loan payment to them which was arranged over the phone to go out on a Saturday as that's when money goes in. They agreed this on the phone and then we noticed it was attempting to go out on Fridays. I rang them again and they said they "didn't do Saturdays" so had made it Friday instead. Which was useless as I had explained on the phone, Saturday is the only day i have guaranteed money. So we arranged for it to go out on Mondays, as by Friday the account is usually empty. I now have 20.00 for food/electric over xmas, never mind the fact they will attempt to take their 25.00 loan payment on Monday... Thanks for any help!
  3. I have posted the goods levied on the first page of this thread, and yes all 3 levies are for the same goods. and my partner signed the walking possession, thank you for your help
  4. They have'nt provided dates on their letter and I wasn't sensible enough to record them at the time. Equita never levied any goods that I aware of, we allowed them in once to "fill out their forms" when they attended demanding £359.05 on 30/07/11. We paid this, they had visited a few days before and arranged to call back. I have a receipt for this amount but we weren't given any notice of seizure, my partner spoke to them and as it was over a year ago, i'm not sure what he did/did not sign at the time. I have a letter from them dated 11/09/2012 saying their bailiffs have identified sufficient goods to remove but this I'm not sure how, they only came in once on 30/07/11 and we have no cars.
  5. From Ross & Roberts: Debt: £348.49 First visit: £24.50 (25/06/12) Walking possession fee: £12.00 (11/09/12) Levy fee: £35.00 911/09/12) Total due: £419.99 Total payments : £125.00 Current balance: £294.99 Debt: £532.93 Walking possession: £12.00 (11/09/12) Levy: £42.00 911/09/12) Total Due: £586.93 Total payments: £78.50 Current balance: £508.43 Debt: £1243.56 Walking possession: £12.00 (11/09/12) Levy: £60.00 911/09/12) Total Due: £1315.56 Total payments: £96.50 Current balance: £2022.48 thankyou to anybody who has managed to trawl through all that! i dont know what to do next...
  6. From Equita: Liability Order date: 10/11/2010 Debt: £674.22 Statutory Visit fees: £42.50 Levy Fee: 43.00 Attendance Fee: £167.00 Dishonoured Payment Fee: £130.56 Card payment fee: £2.50 Total : £1059.78 Payments received : £786.14 Balance: £273.64
  7. ok here goes, email from council is exactly this (with addresses omitted) : Liability order 1 Liability Order Hearing date: 10/11/12 Address Order Relates to : (address 1) Financial Year: 01/04/10 - 30/01/11 Original Value (inc court costs) : £925.11 Outstanding Balance (inc bailiff costs) : £203.64 Bailiff dealing with order : Equita Date instructed: 04/07/11 Liability Order 2 Liability Order Hearing date: 14/07/2011 Address Order Relates to : (address 2) Financial Year: 28/01/2011 - 31/03/2012 Original Value (inc court costs) : £358.69 Outstanding Balance (inc bailiff costs) : £133.49 Bailiff dealing with order : Ross & Roberts Date instructed: 23/04/2012 Liability Order 3 Liability Order Hearing date: 10/05/12 Address Order Relates to : (address 2) Financial Year: 01/04/2011 - 31/03/2012 (council tax benefit adjustment 7/11/11-31/03/2012) Original Value (inc court costs) : £532.93 Outstanding Balance (inc bailiff costs) : £493.68 Bailiff dealing with order : Ross & Roberts Date instructed: 29/05/12 Liability Order 4 Liability Order Hearing date: 07/06/12 Address Order Relates to : (address 2) Financial Year: 01/04/2012 - 31/03/2013 Original Value (inc court costs) : £1243.56 Outstanding Balance (inc bailiff costs) : £1195.31 Bailiff dealing with order : Ross & Roberts Date instructed: 17/07/2012 I will add letters from Equita and Ross & roberts in next post
  8. Hello again, I now have replies form the council re liabilty orders they have against us, and a reply from equita, is there a way of attaching a document? what do i do with this info now I have it /:???: thank you again
  9. I text the bailiff, no reply. I phoned the number you gave but was 27th in the queue, so decided to ring them later! I emailed the council, who forwarded my question about the bailiffs certificate to Ross & Roberts who says he was certificated at Bournemouth on 7/09/2012 so maybe the list hasn't been updated yet? What is my next step with regards to Ross and Roberts who have provided a break down off fees, but it doesnt quite add up, and also complaining about the multiple levy on the same goods? still no reply from equita, then again i have paid them so much i am not surprised it is taking them a long time to add it up!
  10. They did not confirm whether he was certificated, just provided a link to check. I searched his surname and got nothing, then searched Ross & Roberts and his name is not on the list of results. Does this mean he is not certificated? In their email they only supply details of the bailiff who did the walking possession and levy, but the letter delivered for the first visit has a different bailiffs name on it, who is on the list of cerificated bailiffs. Does this make a difference?
  11. Ross & Roberts have replied with a breakdown of fees Its quite confusing but basically on the 25/06/12 i was charged £24.50 for a first visit for only one of the years debt. no second visit then on 11/09/12 I was charged 3 X £12.00 walking possession fees for the 3 years of debt also 11/09/12 levy fees were £35.00, £42.00 and £60.00. Does this sound right?
  12. Thank you for this, I will ask them to check the contract. What is likely to happen when I make a complaint about the multiple levies on the same items? At the moment we payed them £300 on 11/09/12 and are due on our "payment plan" to pay them £200 on 11/10/12. On the paperwork I have here it says that missing this payment will add costs of £178. Do I pay the £200 and use the month this buys me to try and get breakdown of fees and make the complaint? Or is paying them a bad idea?
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies. Ploddertom, I know that the goods aren't worth much, I presumed that they were doing it just to add fees on, and that if they did take the things it would be to add a few hundred quid on top for removing them! The panasonic TV is very old, and huge. The flatscreen listed is literally cracked all over and does not work but he said that didn't matter. He listed all the chairs in the house, he entered every room except my sons room. The sofas have no fire safety labels. I will do all the things you have all advised and report back. I wish I had found this forum a year ago! thanks again
  14. Hi, Yes, they have levied the same goods on 3 separate pieces of paper, for the 3 years. The goods levied were: 1 X Slow cooker 1 X Chrome toaster 1 X Panasonic TV 30 X DVDs 1 X 3 seater sofa 1 X 2 seater sofa 1 X Blackberry phone 1 X PS3 & games 1 X cloth chair 1 X dining table 2 X dining chairs 1 X bookcase 30 X books 1 X PC Tower 1 X flat screen TV 1 X wood chair 2 X CD shelves 1 X bedside table 1 X dart board The 3 levies are for £372.99 + bailiff costs of £97.00 £532.93 + bailiff costs of £78.50 £1243.56 + bailiff costs of £96.50 On the receipt for the £300 we paid it says O/S balance £2145.98 Costs £272.00 I have no idea which figure relates to which year, other than I'm guessing the last figure must be this years council tax. The bailiff was unable to even tell me the period of time that these bills are relating to ?! Thank you for all the help. I was not in at the time, and the blackberry phone on the list does not belong to us (belongs to my father in law, on contract in his name) but presumably there's nothing I can do as my partner allowed them entry and has signed the forms etc?
  15. Hello, I am new to the forum. I have tried to get advice from the many other threads by people in similar positions but being honest I don't understand a lot of the terms used I am not sure where to start. I hope it's OK to start my own thread as I am utterly lost! I have council tax arrears from the last 3 years. My council refuse to talk to me and say the debt has been passed to Equita. We have dealt with Equita for over a year and now from what I can gather they have passed the debt to Ross & Roberts. The most recent development is my partner paying the bailiff £300 and allowing him in to levy goods, as he said this was the only way he could set up a payment plan... his "payment plan" is £200 a month which we cannot afford. I realise that this was probably a HUGE mistake to let him in but it's done now and I'm not sure what we can do next. I am fairly sure we have been charged unfair fees by Equita, what do I need to do to get a breakdown of fees from them and Ross & Roberts? I don't know where to start, what information do I need to post here in order for people to advise me? Thank you in advance for any help you can give!
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