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  1. Thanks again freakyleaky, I will. Fingers crossed. Let's hope the premium doesn't inflate. regards, gF
  2. thanks freakyleaky. The real question is: when I amend my details and if I'm not satisfied with the new quote am I still entitled to my cancell my policy??I'm still in the 14 cooling off period. The insurance policy starts next wednesday 10. Thanks in advance gF
  3. Hi, I've bought my car insurance policy yesterday 07/10 ,Yes insurance £293. I've noticed i forgot to mention that my car had 3 windscreen replacments over the last 5 years. After i've notice this ,I've run a dummy quote including my 3 windscreen claims at Yes website, they have quote me at £600!!! The policy will kick in next wednesday 10/10. I haven't called Yes explaing my error with the quote Should i: A-Call yes ,assume my mistake and ask them to re-quote me.... and pay the £600.... B-Cancell my policy with Yes... today is the first day of the 14 day coolling off period (can i do this?
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