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  1. Hi ros Thanks for your relpy, when i contacted csa they said because bu the time they recieve the payment from my employer its two weeks 'late' and basically it was tough...thats the way it is. I got quite cross at this point because my point was your expecting payment on my payday which with a deo in place is impossible but you are getting the payments every month anyway. The csa really arent a helpful bunch of people and are also rude, she almost accused me of not wanting to pay for mt children which is far from the truth!
  2. Hi all im just looking for a little bit of advice. Im am currently paying csa through a doe order which i asked for i find it easier for it to go straight out of my wages rather than seeing the money. My question is last feb my ex contacted the csa for a review of my earnings where subsuquently my payments increased slightly. When i recieved my payment schedule for the year they said i was in arrears? Even though i had been paying them straight out of my wages....this doesnt make sence. My payment date is either 30th or 31st of each month but i dont get paid until the last worki
  3. Hi all I dont know if I have posted this in the right place, or if anyone will be able to help me. Im posting this on behalf of friend, who is quite upset with some glasses that she recently purchased to the value of £500. She felt that she was pressured into buying a rimless framed pair of glasses. She was invited into the shop for a free consultation with a representitve from Shilhouette. They then showed my friend frameless glasses who was very apprehensive about that sort of styles as she usually buys framed glasses. She decided to go for a pair of the glasses but had
  4. Thanks both. Will write to them then! Martin in our case i was unable to check online as our internet was down. And like i mentioned in the post there was no information at the station.
  5. Hi all. On the 13th of this month myself my partner and my step daughter decided to have a day out in Swansea. So we got to the station in our town to purchase tickets a cost of £21. Got on the train before we got to another of the stations before our destination we were informed that we would have to disembark and catch a bus which would be waiting for us (none of this was explained at point of purchasing tickets) we got to the station in which the bus would be waiting. Low and behold we had to wait 10 mins with around another 30 people. Once we got to swansea i made a point to ask
  6. Hi all im new to this so bear with me. I have 2 children who live with thier dad. I dont have any access to them....the reasons are another story. What i wanted to know is i live with my partner who has his daughter every 4 days and her mum has her 4 days etc. I know that if i was to have a child with my partner then my payments would reduce but is this the case with me living with mypartner and being partly responsible with his daughter? Thanks for amy help you can give
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