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  1. They don't take 25% off you. They take 25% off his net income then give you your 15%, 20% or 25% depending how many kids you have. For example Your ex without kids in his household His net income is £200, say you have 3 kids so you get 25% of the £200 = £50 weekly maintenance Your ex with 3 kids in household His net income is £200, your ex gets 25% taken off his net income of £200. £200 - £50 = £150 you then get for 3 kids 25% of the £150 remaining of his net income = £37.50 weekly maintenance. So your maintenance reduces by £12.50 not 25% Hope this all makes sense
  2. This to me sounds more like a modern apprentiship, do u know if your daughter gets paid? Even just £50 a week. To still be classed in non advanced education your daughter needs to be going to school or college. Do you know when was the last time the Csa requested a child benefit print to confirm this is still on payment to your ex for your daughter? As when a child finishes education they have the summer to decide what they are going to do but if they do not continue education child benefit would have ended on the 3rd September, if this is the case your case should have closed from the 3
  3. Does your daughter go to college 2 days a week then placement at this farm? If she does then the placement hours are still classed as education.
  4. CSA is paid to the maximum age of 19 depending on the childs circumstances. You can still claim for a child when the child is in non advanced education but once a child goes to advanced education csa will stop. Csa will also stop if the child leaves education and doesn't do anything or starts working. However a child can work part-time or throught the summer holidays and csa can still be claimed. Non advanced courses is like you school and nvq, svq etc and advanced is hnd, diplomas etc
  5. The only way you can appeal your ex getting an allowance for the kids in his partners house would be if he actually didn't stay in this house. if he does stay then it is legislation and he has to get the allowance.
  6. Your payments with the CSA will not change unless you have any children in your own house. It is only based on your own income not your ex partners. with regards to the claiming she is single with tac credits you would be best to contact tax credits fraud to tell them any information you have but you can only really give them evidence that you have obtained legally.
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