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  1. Thank you, Well i have took the bull by the horns!! I have contacted Equifax and put a notice of dispute on my credit file. they informed me it would take 28 days to investigate. As for the letter to the data controller at the bamk, can I do this on line do you know?
  2. Hi, Thank you for your response. Do I just contact the credit reference agency to place a notice of dispute? I will draft a letter today and hopefully get it sent off later. What information would you recommend I include? Thanks again I
  3. Hi, Thank you for your prompt response. The original amount was taken by a hotel which I booked and paid a deposit for. Unfortunatley due to unforseen events i had to cancel my booking which i did via a letter and followed up with a telephone call. it was to my suprise that a few days after speaking to the hotel without my knowledge they took £400 from the debit card I had paid the £150 deposit a couple of months earlier. The total amount they have taken from my debit card so far is £550 which far exceeds the full cost it would have been had I gone on the 3 day break!! I prov
  4. Hi, I'm new to this but would appreciate it if somebody could offer me some help and advice. In December last year there was an unauthorised debit card transaction on my account, which I disputed with Lloyds TSB immediately. Unfortunately they did little to assist me, which ended with me having to take my dispute to the ombusman. After many telephone calls and a visit to my local branch My account was subsequently recredited with £400 the amount of the unauthorised transaction, whilst the bank tried to claim this money back from the company which took the unauthorised amount.
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