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  1. Nail on the head Bandit I really couldnt take the risk of going to court and not being able to raise a defence having no experience at all of the court process and knowing my wife I couldnt sit back and take a risk putting her through further hell. Having read all advice on here and considered it carefully I feel I took the right course of action in paying the disputed amount with a view to challenging it through the FOS at a later date. Like I said earlier Rob I will now pursue this right to the bitter end and with having a Judge coming down on our side maybe that task will now be easier, res
  2. Hi Lee you said the other day that if I thought you could help you would see what you could do.I would therefore like to ask you having read the evidence on her and backed by a Judge to put pressure on your bosses to stop using these thugs to pursue monies owed this includes selling debt to this ****. I personally would never have a vodafone contract again even if they offered to pay me for using it as I dont believe they are any better than lowells;) This is in noway personally aimed at you Lee because I do genuinely believe you want to clean up the way customers are treated otherwise you wou
  3. Cheers Rob and I can see what your saying but at the stage we were at the safest way of dealing with it was to settle the debt and make it known it was only being settled because we were bullied. We can now go forward to the FOS with our dispute over what was actually owed and we can also go after lowells for the tactics used, a job made all the easier now a Judge has said basically they lied as in his summing up he agreed 100% that it was reasonable to ask for proof by way of statements and letter of assignment and that they had never complied with those requests as they're solicitor admitted
  4. Hey Bandit a special thank you to you mate right from the start you were pointing us in the right direction your an absolute star
  5. An update for you guys been to Court this morning where the Judge verbally bitch slapped lowells solicitor ( a nice and helpful guy incidently) and dismissed they're claim for costs;) I have just contacted lowells to smuggly ask for a copy of they're complaints procedure so I can progress my complaint to the FOS. The Judge was superb really friendly he allowed my wife to submit a written statement and also allowed myself to speak on her behalf. I thank you guys so so so so much we really couldnt have done it without you:)
  6. I have settled the total debt today luckily I was in a position to do this I feel for anyone else being hounded by these scumbags. We are going in the morning as we want to oppose the award of costs on the grounds they dont deserve them;( If they win costs we will hopefully win them back when we go to FOS we will not let this drop.
  7. Thanx guys it looks like all is sorted I have today made a payment and told them the rest will be paid by the end of the month, they have said they will seek an adjurnment on wednesday where we are going to seek a dismissal as the case should never have got to there in the first place. I left them this morning telling them I would not be paying theyre costs and I'm only paying the £850 as at this stage I see very little option and that if I dont hear by email that they intend to dismiss the case I will be making the court aware of their tactics to date. I will give you an update when I kn
  8. In your experience mate can Lowells refuse to accept our payment of £550 tomorrow? as I think they are going to try and get us to pay the costs they have shelled out.
  9. you have now made me happy;) I could have the other £300 by the end of the month
  10. you have now made me happy;) I could have the other £300 by the end of the month
  11. Cheers Mate;( I'm at my wits end with this now I had enough to get it below £750.00 dont know what were going to do now
  12. Cheers Mate;( I'm at my wits end with this now I had enough to get it below £750.00 dont know what were going to do now
  13. Could really do with others thoughts on my last post as I'm probably barking totally up the wrong tree so come on people get reading and thinking pleeeeeaaaassssssse;(
  14. Cheers Mate if they accept £550. tomorrow its not a problem as it will then be below the £750, threshold for bankruptcy. If they dont if I have read the petition right we can fight on a few fronts firstly they should never of gone down this road as the amount is in dispute and they have never complied with our request for a copy of the letter of assignment for the debt or sent any other proof that we owed them. Second we could never set aside the statutory demand as we were never aware of it and the first we knew of the hearing was when we received the paperwork. Thirdly when we got the
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