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  1. Put yourself in the Council's shoes (they are ordinary people afterall). They will prob say that its not very believeable, which in fairness it isnt really..... Why wouldnt he live with his mum when he had nowhere else ? (assuming she has the room) All his paperwork went there, why not your house or his sisters or his girlfriends ? Does his new girlfriend claim SPD or Council Tax benefit or support ? - u could always get your mum to front it up and offer to pay the arrears (or get you brother to pay them). If you do dispute and the council does cancel the SPD the appeal would be to the tribun
  2. Why would you when you have nothing to hide ?The compliance officer will look at dozens of bank statements a day, they couldn't care less where you buy your undies, it probably wouldn't even register. What will register is a load of crossed out/ blacked out lines, they would raise questions and suspicions - its human nature. My advice is just show the statements - why not ?
  3. As they get AA there would be no non-dep deduction in this case, son's income should be declared but would not be taken into account.Having said that over £34K would nil the HB/CTB anyway.If he's still got the money I'd put money on the fact that the LA/DWP will try to issue an admin penalty, which is a fine, rather than pursue a prosecution.
  4. If you are on DLA care you could tell the council he is a friend living at your house, not a partner, and that you do not charge him any rent nor does he pay any. They would have to class him as a non-dependant but if you are on DLA there would be no non-dep deduction so it would not affect the CTB claim before 31/3/2013. It might from 1/4/2013 depending on your council's LCTS scheme but I doubt it.
  5. Let me get this right. You got an IUC letter and immediately thought it was about this unorthodox business relationship. It turns out that it was actually about something which, it seems by your own admission, you failed to declare originally, presumably a pension or something ? You no commented at the interview and never mentioned anything about the large number of transactions into and out of your account. The LA are now going to use their authorised officer powers to obtain your bank statements which will show all the said transactions, not only that but they will get them for every
  6. "The worst thing will be that you have to pay the money back. As jadeybags says above, they don't want to waste money on prosecutions in cases like this, and you can confirm this by looking at the website. They go after people who are seriously cheating the system, not people like you. " Not strictly true though. From the information provided this looks like a text book LT case. Nobody on here can tell you what will happen, that is a decision for the authorities acutally involved in the case. I've read a lot a people saying things along the lines of "as he has no income you'll be ok".
  7. SAR = subject access request ? If so they will not provide any information or details about an investigation.
  8. "Also what is the worst that can happen because I would prefer a worst case scenario then anything good that happens is a bonus."You asked.... the worse case scenario is 7 years imprisonment.
  9. How many people do you think go to a fraud interview and say the advisor told me it would be ok ? That doesn't wash I'm afraid, the answer will be that no advisor would tell you that. In theory the advisor could be asked what he/she would say if someone asked how many nights can my partner stay etc..... No prizes for guessing what the advisor would reply and it wouldn't be 3 nights a week would it ?The investigators will give your solicitor some brief disclosure before the interview - ie we want to ask about her partner and we have some documents to show etc... They are not obliged to show
  10. Overpayment under £2,000 with an full admittance would normally result in an administrative penalty these days.
  11. "am slightly worried if they have pics though as we go to asda together n they might try and portray that in a way to suit them" - is that when he goes to buy his own shopping then, 2 trolleys etc.... ? From the information you've put on here then, in investigators terms, you're bang to rights, a near text book case of LTAHAW.
  12. With all the current media comments and articles about “work-shy” claimants losing Housing Benefits etc., the April 2013 picture in reality is very different. The reductions in Housing Benefit are huge of course but potentially it is the Council Tax Benefit restrictions that will really impact (albeit differently across Local Authority boundaries). Why, after all these years, so many still do not realise that HB/CTB are in-work benefits?The biggest overall losers in percentage numbers are almost certain to be:a) those on low wagesb) those aged between 50 and pensionable age.c) owner occupier w
  13. Sorry to put another spin on it but look at from the other angle. He works away and comes "home" at weekends. His post, belongings etc at your house. Car, driving license, tax and inland revenue records all at yours. Why shouldn't he contribute to your household ? You say he buys his own food when he comes to stay at a weekend - not very plausable is it ?
  14. My advise is don't do it - not worth it. You'll get caught, have to repay an overpayment, face a prosecution, potentially huge court costs and a possible custodial sentence. Who'd look after your child when you were banged up ?
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