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  1. I can see Betterware post back again on this forum; this is outrageous! Creditors (such as banks and Betterware sharks) shouldn't be allowed to join these forums. Creditors sneaking these forums discourage those who have debt problems and are looking for advise. These sharks shouldn't be allowed near they preys.
  2. I can see the shark from Betterware financial department disappeared, deleted the post. Thanks to Bang!'s post. Thanks Bang! I did Betterware myself in the past and have some friends who did it too, but Betterware is a spurious 'pyramid' selling company like Kleeneze. The sales executives, regional managers and coordinators are all sharks. It is easier to find a flying cow in the clouds than an honest Betterware shark. Poor distributors are out in the street in all weather conditions to make a living or some extra money, yet these sharks are never happy with their sales. They
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