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  1. yeah i get the info to ring capquest i just dont know what its for etc - i dont kmnow what the original debt is or to whom
  2. the above should show the default is registered against nov 2009
  3. ive just looked at my report and there is a default from Capquest for 598 - i have no idea who this is for and to be honest dont want to call them for fear of owing money however i am desperatly trying to sort out my credit rating what gets me is that the start date is 2005 yet the default date is 2009 and only shows this - JFMAMJJASOND2009 If I took something out in 2005 where are the payments or non payments from 2005-2009 and when does this come off my account does it start from 2005 or 2009?
  4. I didnt agree to it at all i got an email stating this is the amount that had been passed to Moorcroft - how do i report them i dont mind paying my original loan but thats 600 quid interest
  5. I have used Wonga for 12 months no problem in paying back - hit personal problems and couldnt afford it set up a repayment plan with the advice from you guys - great - first payment was due 1st dec 2012 2 weeks before i rang and told them I needed to re vist my payment plan from 100.00 per month to 50.00 for the first few months and happy to review in 4-5 month time - every time i called them i was told someone would ring me back this didnt happen and now on the 17th jan i get an email saying they have passed my debt to Moor croft and my original debt has went from 1300 to nearly 1,900 - im gu
  6. ok so story so far - i cancelled my card with my bank and also asked them to cancel the automatic payments which they did - the loan was due to be paid yesterday and I sent emails as soon as it was due however i am yet to receive a reply I did receive a phone call yesterday which i answered and was an automated service so hung up and received a text today to say it was still unpaid and to log into my account and make a payment etc how long do they have to reply - i have sent to the below email address and still nothing assessment@wonga.com ahon.hegarty@wonga.com errol.damel
  7. Can someone tell me what I need to put in my letter to the bank please as I will have to do this on Monday coming
  8. ok can you tell me what i need to put in the letter or how to draft it - is there a template I can use - i def need help and thanks for the info so far
  9. do i have to tell my bank about the problems im having with them - i have my overdraft which i pay each month but use and I cant afford to loose that so dont want to worry my bank
  10. my payment isnt due until end of this month 31st oct and i bank with the Halifax - what do i need to put in the letter
  11. thanks I will do i cant move my money to any other account or open a new one so how do i secure it ive reported my card lost so waiting for a new one - do i tell me bank not to allow any money to them?
  12. Thank you for the info will do that today do I need to go into my bank with a letter asking them to stop all CPA to wonga?
  13. Can anyone help I'm really worried about this and don't know what to do
  14. I have been using wonga for the past year and never had a problem repaying my loan back but now my partner is loosing his job I can't meet my repayment date and very worried what to do I can't afford for them to take the money out of my account - should I report my card lost and get a new one will this be enough to stop them I bank with Halifax. Do I contact them now or wait until end of month I owe 1325 which I would be paying at end of month - how do I set up a repayment plan I can pay back 100.00 per month
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