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  1. She says she 'can't remember' where she was told about the EuroTraveller but it could have been in the local shop, she is quite gullible and took out her contract from there. She certainly wouldn't have the nous to record any calls, but I've told her to check her emails in case there is anything there. I think the case number is 10134821, got an email from Vodafone citing this number.
  2. Hi, yes - she was aware that mobile charges can be somewhat complicated when overseas which is why she checked beforehand. She says she definitely mentioned that she would be on a cruise ship. Isn't the EuroTraveller a fairly new package - maybe that caused some confusion for the CS person? I don't know. Anyhow, I have since again looked at the website - cruise ships are mentioned in the 'Rest of the World' category, but nowhere on the EuroTraveller. Apparently she nor her companion were given any documentation by the cruise ship regarding charges, moot point though really as she was under
  3. I am posting on behalf of my partner who is at her wits end with this company. She recently travelled to Norway, and was advised to take out the 'EuroTraveller' package. Unfortunately, she was on a cruise ship which it seems is not counted as part of Europe and has been charged around £255 for usage during this time. I believe she was mislead when sold the package. Surely a customer services advisor should have known a cruise ship would be exempt from this package. I have checked myself on your website and there is no mention of cruise ships at all on the EuroTraveller page - only a
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