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  1. can some one help me me and my wife got a plasma tv from perfect homes 3 years ago it was the first time we had hire purchase agreement and the salesman told us the total cost we would have to pay is £2242.24 with insurance and coverplus we asked again how much for everything including coverplus and yet again we were told £2242.24 so we signed and we never missed a payment and today we called into the shop to make a payment and to ask how much we had left (we thought about £130) but were told we still had £450 which we disagreed we had been paying £13.08p a week and £10.78 was for the agreement and normal insurance and £2.30p was for coverplus and we were told when we signed that all of the £13.08p weekly payment would come off the total but after we looked at the agreement we have noticed that the £2.30p for the coverplus is being classed as separate from the agreement and now the total is about £2750 which we wouldnt have signed had we known this and the salesman has lied to us so can anyone tell me what if anything we can do about this as we feel we were lied to about what we would pay in total
  2. hello the june 2012 floods have damaged the underground cables in my street causing my lights to flicker and my tv to turn off then back on 4/5 times aday and the powergrid people say they cannot fix the fault until the cable breaks altogether if this problem causes my tv to break altogether can i bring a claim against the powergrid company as they have said my tv should be able to withstand a power cut but my tv is only 3 years old and i got it brand new and it could withstand a power cut once in a while but if its doing it 4/5 times a day it will in the end cause alot of damage maybe breaking my tv beyond repair the powergrid company say they are not responsible
  3. hello my street was affected by the floods of june 2012 although my house was not flooded since then our lights have flickered and tv goes off then back on 3/5 times a day and now ive noticed our combi boiler turns off then back on i had my electrics looked at and my tv looked at both are fine and was told the floods had damaged the underground electrcity cables so i contacted northern powergrid who sent a engineer out and he told me that nothing could be done until a lot more of my street phoned up to report the fault then a team would be sent out to find and fix the fault i have complained to the powergrid people that its causing my plasma tv to keep turning off and im worried that it could cause my tv to break altogether if this happens could i make a claim against the powergrid people i had a letter off them telling me that electrical equipment connected to the supply needs to be designed to withstand a power cut and they are not responsible but i say my tv is only a couple of years old and it could withstand a powercut once but if its 4/5 times a day it will damage my set in the end
  4. i recently sent my tv back to perfect homes to be looked at as it was turning itself off they brought it back saying there was nothing wrong with it but when the people who brought it back left we noticed the base of the tv had deep scratches on it i have phoned the store to demand it be replaced but was told they will call back can someone tell me where i stand on this i have the cover plus insurance with them if they cant replace the base can i ask for a new tv?
  5. thanks stu007 you have been most helpful and i will click you reputation star
  6. i currently live with my wife whos name is on the tenancy im worried this debt will be added to her account even though i was not with her 18 years ago will they do that ?
  7. no it just says i owe £202 from my old address that i lived in from 18 years ago i phoned them and told them i didnt know what they were talking about and i told them this is the first ive heard about this they havent give me the dates but i was wondering if the debt would be statute barred
  8. hello i recently applied to be put on a council housing list but got a letter saying i had £202 rent arrears from a house i had 18 years ago this is the first time ive heard about this and ive never had a letter so can the council claim this or is it statute barred as i dont feel i owe this as at the time i went to prison but i filled out the forms while in prison to have my rent paid so i didnt lose my house but i was told the council gave me 4 weeks of notice of seeking possesion so my keys were handed in now they say i never gave 4 weeks notice but i was unable to give notice as i was incarsarated
  9. hello i recently applied to go on the housing register and i recieved a letter saying i owed £202.08 from a house i had 18 year ago at that time i had been in prison and i was told i had to leave my property in 4 weeks but when i was in prison i filled out the proper forms so the council get there housing benefit and rent for 6 months so i did'nt lose my house while i was away but they still say i owe this and theres nothing i can do about this but i dont feel that i owe this money as i done everything i was supposed to to make sure my rent was paid while i was in prison and ive been told that money cannot be claimed after 6 years i was wondering if this applys to councils
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