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  1. It's not in the latest one, which is requested pertinant to that account only, (because) the earlier sar i requested is 10 inches thick, and all mixed up, but I went through it and found nothing more relating to this account.
  2. Hi Thanks for that. These are the titles of the other enclosed docs which hold generic info about me, rather then about the account. "Information held on the Customer system" "Information held on the Customer Insight system" "Information held by our Personal Lending Decisions Dept" "Information held on the Common Processing system" Plus some correspondence between Halifax and a claims management company that sold me a dream, but amounted to PPI reclaim. This faded away and I ended up successfully claiming back ppi myself. i can show you any o
  3. Hi, Here's anything relevant within the dsar. There are other items which are generic and not related to the performance of the account. Cheers D
  4. Hi, i've called Halifax and they say I've had "ALL the info that is available" pertinent to the loan account. I probably could do with that in writing. In the meantime, can you advise on the difference between 'notice of default sums' and 'notice of sums in arrears'? DSAR upload will follow Many Thanks D
  5. Yeahp, Agreed. And I still believe that to be unfair. ok, maybe I will split the complaints up, for clarity......
  6. appreciate that, but i was in the same arrears the month before it dipped while I was enjoying a max credit score. I am definitely thinking it's because I was in an arrangement and was late 'checking in' with it, and the computers sent the report, but even if thats the case, the arrangement was re-instated (a month later) but still continues the bad report each month till now. Might be glitch, i appreciate that, but i want to complain about any and all indiscretions, and if there's no others or recourse then so be it. But i know they rely on people not looking i
  7. Ok, I' didn't think that was an option, I'll call them tomorrow and get them to send me the comms data and get it uploaded. ta
  8. Ok but the text in all the cra's states late payment which hasn't happened. And yes it dropped dramatically as soon as they reported whatever the crime was, but I din't do anything wrong. I 'm going to complain anyway as I didn't receive a nosia in June when they made the report. Indeed I've NEVER received one. And my score has gone from excellent to very poor I'll also contest these notice of default sums starting so late. Thanks for the prolonged assistance and patience...... I'd still love to give my SAR to an auditor to ch
  9. Ok so Experian shows a 'code 6' late payment every month for 7 months. Clearscore shows a timeline which dips severely june stating late payment on 1 or more accounts as the reason. Karma also shows a code 6 for the last 7 months, and when you hover over the 6 it states 'payment was upto 6 months late' Default notices: ah ok I see. I've just dug out what they started sending me 2 years in. They're called 'Notice of Default sums' and details of a charge applied to the account. Notice starts with "under the CCA 1974 we are required to with this notice od default sums charged to your
  10. It started in june, 1 month missed payment, and has continued since then. 2, 3 ,4 etc. I got the BIG SAR back beginning of the year, but the one solely for this account I got back 11th November 19. Default notices. I have definitely had them on the account, because I remember them suddenly starting to turn up and wondered why. But it was years into the agreement. Well past the start of the troubles on the account.
  11. It started in Summer. Roughly 6 months ago anyway. I've got screen shots of it, but the big dip was june/july and the adverse change was late a payment reported by Halifax. I appreciate the score has a few wobbles if I make a big purchase on a credit card or something, but this reduced my score by more than half, and is still holding it down because it's still being reported. I havn't complained to them about it yet because I wanted it to run 3 months to make it libelous, and also get all the other possible infractions together so I can hit them hard.
  12. I ran into trouble with my business quite early in the loan so it's been in arrears for most of it's life. I did an SAR earlier last year in which they sent out a lot of info for all agreements i'd had directly/indirectly with them, but it was all mixed up and very difficualt to pull info from it. So I requested again but just for this account. But there's no communication log with it. and yeah no mention of default. I'll have to call them tomorrow and ask where the rest of the content is.
  13. Ok, So I've checked through the account 'statement' which has all the notation codes on it, and there is no ND code at all. There is also no ND code or 'default' reference in the summary page. But I don't have a schedule of correspondance included in the SAR, despite me asking for ALL information pertaining to the account. Maybe I have to go back and request that?
  14. Thought I had answered it. Yes Hal Secured loan is from May 2006
  15. Yeah you're right in principle. The property it was originally secured on (according to the paperwork) was repo'd. But at some point, it changed to the property i currently live in. I need to check through the latest SAR to see when this happened and if consent from me was given. The SAR is extremely difficult to read as it is around 6 reams of A4 thick, and seems almost all to be in code. Hence my interest in a financial auditor. I will do this, but it will be tomorro as I have work in a few hours, however, that point aside (while I check), my q
  16. Halifax is a 25k personal secured loan. it's not re-appeared. always been on file since inception. but popped up on radar to record a late payment june 19, that didn't happen.
  17. Wow, thank you. Halifax debt (along with nemo) remains, but under agreement-principle plus arrears contribution. I will check latest steatement of halifax agreement to see what the figures are. I think roughly 16k 50/50 split principle and arrears. When you say defaulted.........what do you mean?
  18. Thanks Mate, Honestly mate, i've triple checked clear score, experian and noddle/creditkarma. There are other services available that i'm not prepared to pay for......
  19. Hi, There's plenty of other items on my credit report that were, and remain 'green' and fully managed, hence getting to 999 (and equivalent) score across the board (documented) The ONLY change as communicated by the CR agencies is Halifax' initial and continued report that I made (and continue to make) late payments on that account, which categorically has not happened. This has happened. Thank you for the note on plenty of guides on here. This is why I have posted, to request guidance. thanks All, for input so far....
  20. dx100uk dx100uk, Andy has kindly schooled me on my woes. Do you still believe I have grounds to complain? "sounds like you have a welcome finance secured loan...? or it it Halifax? yes you/we can do all those spill the beans please" any help appreciated....
  21. Thanks Andy! I'll check exact dates for the loan agreements. 1 was 2006 but need to check paperwork. What are your thoughts on interest only mortgages taken out around this time? (i think 2005) Is there any redress regarding this? appreciate your feedback mate, Also, if the CCA is enacted in 1974? how are agreements not regulated prior to 2006? dx100uk. Mate, i promise you, this is the only thing that happened. And the CR agencies report the same. They say " items that have adversely affected your score" or word TTA and the only 'changed ite
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