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  1. i can see what your saying but i have four quotes of £120(2), £150 and one of £160 from the same company that he has said is £300+. i was also given two quotes of £50 and £70 which were probably touch up jobs and i rejected as a cheap solution. so i would say the estimates i have are reasonable for the work involved.
  2. i might just do that. I'm not trying to get out of paying i just refuse to be ripped off. he is being uncooperative two of the garages I've been to have said to send him to them for a proper quote he wont go there because he is hell bent on going to the one that is twice the price of any of the others. i am a bit concerned as he has said about charging for car hire, taxis and i dare say loss of earnings because of the time it is taking but this is because he is being awkward and greedy
  3. about six weeks ago i was reversing onto a customers driveway to pick them up to take them to the station (im a taxi driver) i happened to just catch her husbands car. after she got in the car i told her what i had done and on arrival at the station i gave her my phone number and she said she would pass it on to her husband. After about a month i got a text saying the cost to repair the damage would be £275+vat. This was the day before i was going on holiday , I replied straight back to tell him this . i also said that i thought the cost was quite excessive and i would seek some more estimates when i got back When i got home and went back to work i again got the job to take the wife to the station when i got to the house i took the opportunity to take photos of the damage to the rear bumper. This amounted to a single scuff mark about 1mm wide by 10mm long. this confirmed my suspicion about the cost, with that the wife came out and started giving me grief because i hadn't done anything about it and told me to get away from the car. the long and the short of it is we are now arguing over the cost. He is insisting it goes to a garage that wants to charge £300+ without any proper invoice after i have got estimates between £120 and £160 . I should add the £160 for which i have a proper estimate is from a different branch of the garage he is insisting on using. i know the garage he wants to use is at some point going to do further work on his car and i suspect i am going to make a contribution to this. Needless to say this is getting a bit heated now with him threatening me with the police for leaving the scene of accident notifying the council who provide my license and going through the insurance company which i don't want to because my excess is more than this and i don't want to lose any ncb and he has even mentioned court. i should also point out that he is not willing to take his car to any of the garages that i have got estimates from.
  4. This happened at Rainham station in Kent. I forgot to mention that the breach of code he stated was that i stopped on double yellow lines and not his initial response of "your not allowed here" so at the time i didnt take much notice of the lines. even so are they allowed to issue penalties for this on private land, he was only a bod in a hi viz vest not a PCSO or traffic warden. Could someone please tell me how to upload the ticket.
  5. i was dropping off a fare at my local railway station and decided to use the station toilet when i was approached by a person wagging his finger. i asked what the problem was he replied "you cant park there" "why" "because you work for ******* cab company and they are not allowed here" this all dates back to a grievance with the previous company METEOR and now Indigo have taken over. I said i was only going in to use the toilet and he said he would give me a ticket. i just said carry on and went into the station. When i got back outside i was a bit shocked to see a PENALTY charge notice on the car as opposed to a PARKING charge notice which Meteor used to issue and have ignored in the past. This all took place on the station forecourt and not the car park which are both on private land. the question is can ppc's issue penalty charge notices on private land or are they trying to pull a fast one by changing the name.
  6. we have to pay for a permit to wait in the station.the same rules dont seem to apply to the general public.you can go to the station any early evening during the week and it will be rammed with people waiting to pick up from the trains.it would be interesting to know how many pcns were issued to them during the time we were being harassed.none would be my guess.if i thought it would make a difference i would take some photos to prove that we are not alone in our misdemeanours and then ask for this information.meteor are quick enough to take our money but not so quick to police the rank and enforce rules broken by others. while i keep digging i am going to appeal against the original pcn on the grounds that i have not entered into a contract so therefore could not be in breach of any rule set out in one.hopefully i will be able to make a good enough case concerning railway bye law 14.i really need to know for sure if not displaying a permit can be enforced under this byelaw as that is what the offence is on the second demand for money.can they actually change the offence from one thing to another.
  7. As i see it Meteor are only issuing the pcn and permits on behalf of London & South Eastern.the letter telling me to pay up or else is from PCN Debt Recovery ltd who are actually london and south eastern in disguise so it would seem that L & S E are actually pursuing the claim.looking at other threads i suppose we are at the point,have they got the permission to do this from their landlords british rail or rail track whichever it is.again they wont readily disclose the information.i must say that i feel a bit easier in as much that you think i could win this but i would like to know why so i can gather as much info on the relevant points before i put in my appeal.
  8. I have done a bit more digging and think that there are two areas that can be exploited 1.the fact that only the driver can be taken to court. yes I was the driver but they would have to prove it. I wouldn't deny I was the driver but neither would I admit it. Short of putting me in an I.D parade they couldn't prove I was driving 2.the offence is for failing to display a valid permit. there is some justification for thinking that you can only be prosecuted for not paying. not displaying is different and not enforcible. Any ideas anyone.
  9. I have the original pcn it doesnt mention RB14 at all. it was issued by meteor parking who were working on behalf of london and s.e railways aka pcn debt recovery. i havent actually contacted them yet as i need to know how to deal with the situation properly
  10. I have now got a letter from PCN Debt Recovery and Prosecution Services saying the pcn has now gone up to £90 and if not paid within 14 days will increase further to£165 and following that a magistrates court summons under railway byelaws. Apparently I have contravened RB 14 for not displaying a valid permit. The ticket that was actually handed to me, as i hadn't left the vehicle, says that I was in breach of contract by not displaying a valid permit. I don't know how I could be in breach of contract as I haven't agreed to a contract either verbally or written. It also mentions t's & c's but because the area in question is the station forecourt and not the car park there are no signs displaying them so they cant say I agreed to these either. There are no signs relating to RB14, the only sign says that motorist failing to comply are liable to prosecution under byelaw 25. It appears that PCN Debt Recovery are actually London and South Eastern Railways Ltd who lease the land from British Rail. Im not sure what to do next or where I stand as I have noticed that some people are actually being taken to court for pcn's. Should I just ignore the letter or appeal against the pcn. Am I right in thinking that I have a good case as I never agreed to a contract in the first place. Any help and advice would be appreciated.
  11. things have now moved on .we now have a solicitor and our local m.p. on the case. all of our permits run out in june and at the moment no further request for payment has been made. meteor are losing about £900 a month so i would have thought that if they were legally entitled to this money they would have this matter sorted out by now. they are now trying a new tactic. yesterday and today they have had two bods moving taxis out of the car park saying a pcn would be issued on refusal. everyone has stopped ranking up in the station and started using a rank in another road, which is a bit inconvenient. i thought i would put it to the test and stayed in the station and am now the proud owner of a parking ticket. the question is what do i do with it. it states that: i am in breach of contract(i have not agreed to any contract in writing or verbally) im not abiding to the t's and c's as stated on the signage in the car park (there are no signs) can they issue tickets even though the matter is in dispute or is this an attempt at intimidation.
  12. Well its that time of year again,permit renewal time.after starting this thread last year I couldn't persuade any drivers to not pay for a permit and weather the storm.this year the cheeky b******s at meteor have put the fee up £220.maybe with the right advice other drivers might see the light. a couple of things have changed this time which make me think that meteor are on dodgy ground.firstly they have given a contract number with the application and a load of t/cs which amount to a load of waffle which they have never done before.so it seems that they want us to make a contract with them which I assume will make it more legally binding. they also mention that any cabs that do not have a valid permit will get a "parking" charge notice not penalty charge notice of £90. the waffle bit says that network rail own the station and is leased to London and south eastern railways ltd who in turn has appointed meteor as its agent.im not sure if this bit is relevant or not. so any help and advice in avoiding paying this rip off charge would be appreciated.
  13. thanks for the replies. there are no barriers to allow vehicles access to the station forecourt only to the actual car park so anybody can come in and out. the 50+ permits up for renewal are for the drivers at the cab company that i work from, because of the stations location drivers from other companies do not tend to work out of this station but have the same problem at other stations within our councils licensing area. other people drop off and pick up at the station. the dropping off is not too much of a problem as this usually only takes only a few seconds. the picking up at peak times can be a nightmare as joe public really dont care where they stop to wait for their loved ones. they stop in disabled bays and really dont give a toss about stopping on the rank so we cant stop there after paying to do so. nothing is done about this. the icing on the cake is the independent bus companies that are subsidised by our council that come in as well and i dont believe they have to have permits to wait for passengers to come off of the trains. if you take all our drivers collectively as one company then our company is paying meteor £10000+ and i really cant see the two or three bus companies paying this amount of money to work out of the station. then we have our noses rubbed in it. every year we have to pay the council for our hackney carriage license which averages about £200 depending on the age of the vehicle. in a nut shell we pay the council who indirectly use our money to subsidies bus companies to take our work while we pay for the privledge to sit and watch it happen. another driver is trying to deal with the station operators etc and i havent yet looked at the councils terms about plying for hire. but i think it must be abundantly clear that we are being taken for a very expensive ride
  14. we have got to renew our permits next week,so if anybody out there has any more information that could be useful i would be very grateful.apparently black cabs have to pay to work out of heathrow but im not sure of the circumstances.
  15. there are 50+ at our company that have to get these permits to use the rank so there is a significant amount of money involved as far as meteor are concerned and thats not the only station where these permits are required locally.ive a good mind not to renew my permit and see what happens but i think the majority of drivers will need more convincing.if i get a tug for using the rank without a permit do i just ignore it like you would a pcn from a firm operating in a car park
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