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  1. Thank you PHG7447. Does this work as two agreements, one with the supplier and then the finance is separate? It does say on the agreement if I receive unsatisfactory goodsI can sue the supplier or barclays. I guess this means I will have to deal with Barclays. As they are calling everyday this leads me to think they will go down then CCJ route, so action on my part would be better than no action. Getting a replacement copy of the t&c might be difficult as I doubt Apex has those, so it may have allowed arbitrary change of course location. Looking at the forums I am thinking the best course might be to send a dispute letter in on the grounds that there representative (the only person who I met and singed the agreement with) refused my rights to cancel in the cooling off period.He was notified by phone and said I couldn't cancel. Would a court take into account my age and lack of experience in dealing with legal contracts at that point? Do people think this would be a good course of action? Thank you again for your help
  2. Hi Thank you for the feedback,, sorry for the delay in getting the document up here,but I had to find a friend with a scanner. Attached is the loan agreement. When I signed the contract I remember there being another booklet I signed. When they call me again, which is now daily I shall ask them for this agreement. Once again, any advice is gratefully received. [ATTACH]38674[/ATTACH]
  3. Hi does anyone have any advice or suggestions. Any would be gratefully received. When would be the time to argue the course was misold? Many thanks
  4. When I was 19 I was sold a plumbing course. The salesman arrived at my house and begun his campaign. I managed not to sign on the night but he kept phoning and I finally buckled. He came round my house, I signed a loan agreement with Barclays in April 09. It was for £5,995 interest free over 60 months. A few days later I had second thoughts and thought this was a [problem], so called the sales person to say I wanted to cancel and he said I couldn't. I attended the first training session in Birmimgham which was convient as I could stay for free with family. I then received a letter saying the centre had shut down and they would be in contact. 2 months later I phoned to find out what was happening and they hadnt got a new place. They then wrote to me saying the new place was in central London, nearer but less convenient. I phoned to say I wanted to terminate the course as it would cost me more for London, they said I couldn't cancel. I informed them I wouldn't pay and they said that would be a breach of the contract. I stopped paying. I am now being per-suede by Apex, but they havent been too heavy lately. Reading the forums I was going to write for my contract but when they phoned I asked for it and they have sent me the loan agreement. It is just the loan agreement. It says on the agreement after I sign it I will have a short time to cancel the agreement, they will tell me how, but I told the salesman a few days later. I wasn't very good with contracts and reading things at that time. Can I get this debt cancelled as the salesman refused my right to cancel, and furthermore they moved the location of the course. Many thanks and any advice is gratefully received.
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