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  1. I know my legal rights anyway, I won't contact them. Let them spend as much money as possible on court proceedings, I couldn't care less. 1) I have no money or assets, and 2) I may apply for LILA, so let them bark!
  2. Hi Vicky31. I appreciate your post. The only think I could suggest to you is to work for Betterware for a while and then, and only then, let me know how you feel. If you are an MP, or GP, or whatever, you could take a break and try Betterware to find it out for yourself how those people feel about these 'pyramid' companies who are using them who try to make a living!
  3. Thanks again drop47. Yes, both were working for Betterware on self-employed basis like myself, but the latter (the Regional Manager) was sacked by the Regional Sales Executive who is still working for the company.
  4. Thanks again drop47. Sorry to bother you again. I checked it on the court's website and they say the Scottish Court system allows the defender to make a counterclaim: 3.13 Making a counterclaim What is a counterclaim? If the pursuer has raised a claim against you, and you have a claim against him/her arising from the same matter, then, instead of raising a separate action, you can raise your claim against the pursuer in the pursuer’s own action. This procedure is known as making a counterclaim. ... However, if I decide to offer them a monthly token payment till I can pay
  5. Thanks drop47. I made an appointment and am going to see a solicitor to seek for legal advice on 15 October. Mainwhile I was thinking to send them an email like this: I acknowledge receipt of your letter and am seeking for legal advice. I am having financial difficulties, however, if you decide to start court proceedings against me I will be making a counterclaim against you. Please don't think I am playing the silly, but when I first started doing Betterware the Sales Executive told me:"I am giving you the best area (which was just about 50 miles from home - one way) of my region wh
  6. I was a distributor (but they call it 'sales agent') and I placed the order myself for the products from the company. (It works in a similar way like Kleeneze and Avon.) I went out and put through people's letterboxes catalogues, then the customers ordered Betterware products from me (not from the company, as the customers have nothing to do with Betterware). Let's say my customers ordered some products which I, then, ordered them from Betterware. For example, let's say my orders from my customers were for £1000, then I ordered these products from Betterware.
  7. In their letter they say: "Unless you respond by 10 October 2012, court proceedings will be issued for the recovery of the said sum together with interest, court fees and any solicitor’s costs as fixed or assessed by the court without any further notice to you. Please note that the registration of a Decree issued by the Sheriff Court will affect your creditworthiness."
  8. I was working as a sales agent for Betterware for a few weeks, but unfortunately didn't work out, so I stopped. As I am having financial difficulties I couldn't pay off the outstanding balance which is just over £600. I didn't sign the sales agent's agreement with Betterware, but lately they are threatening me with legal action in order to recover the outstanding balance. They asked me to sign and return the agreement, but I didn't as I wanted to see if it works out before signing the agreement. I read the agreement, but clause 3.6 states, I quote: "
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