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  1. Received letter this morning from Halifax, they have received my request, accepted the payment, and will send my last 6 yrs statements to me in the next 2 weeks.They have also stated that they keep no records of any manual interventions that have been made on my account.
  2. sorry to be a drag, but would a cheque made out by a friend(as i no longer have a cheque book) suffice?
  3. when i send my dpa request, do i enclose a cheque, or advise them to debit my account the £10?
  4. hello everybody, i've been recommended to this site by a friend of mine(steter) who is currently taking the abbey to court for excessive charges, and basically i'm in the same boat with the halifax, who , by my estimation have taken something in the region or £2500 of me in charges in the last 5-6 yrs. Trouble is this is only an estimation, and i need to apply to the bank for my statements for the last 6 yrs. Has anybody got any tios for how to do this exactly?
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