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  1. Hi everyone I am back with an update! Called the HA yesterday and spoke to 2 rent officer neither of them had any notes on their system in regards to sending debt collectors around. This afternoon I called back and managed to speak to my allocated rent officer and confirmed that she did not send any requests to send them around. She promised to send out an email to one of her superiors to see whether they have anything to do with it - however he won't be in the office until Monday. What exactly are Churchill Recovery Solution playing at? Has this happened to anyone else before?
  2. No the letter doesn't say they are bailiffs but I don't really know the difference between all these various debt collectors discussed in this forum.
  3. Thank you so much, I feel much better now. I will see the HA tomorrow and find out whats going on. Thanks again x
  4. Thanks for your input renegadeimp. Here is the letter: One of our field agent representatives has called at your property today on behalf of (Housing association) in order to carry out a tenancy audit. Could you please contact our field agent xxxx on his mobile number xxxxx to arrange for a visit to your property to complete the relevant information. Yours sincerely I haven't called the Housing association yet, as I am paranoid that they will inform those debt collectors that I am avoiding them. I speak to my rent officer every week to pay my installments and she hasn't men
  5. Hi All I reaaally hope someone can help me. I have been living at a flat through a housing association for over 3 years now. From November 2011 until March 2012 I wasn't able to pay my full rent every single month due to some financial issues I was going through at the time. Since April 2012 things have been better for me financially so the housing association agreed on a repayment plan to clear my debt. I have not defaulted at all since then, however 2 weeks ago I received a letter shoved through my door from a company called Churchill Recovery Solutions Limited and that letter was type
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