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  1. I have a record of all meter readings I gave, but I cant check them against the estimated, because my billing is all online and when you try to look at anything breakdown related online it says "cannot view this, account now closed" which I think is very suspicious! I just genuinely cant understand how I apprently used £500 PM worth of gas and electric when the house is empty most of the time! I phoned them today and was put on hold for 20 mins while someone looked at my account. They then came back and said they were sending it off for investigation because of a problem with meter readings but wouldnt tell me what problem and that I will recieve a revised bill in 14 days. This is supposed to be one of the biggest providers in the UK and yet I feel like im dealing with dodgey conmen!
  2. Bump for this! Can anyone tell me who is supposed to service the meters and what happens if the meter has not been serviced?
  3. Would the serial number b on the front of both meters? I have pictures of the meters with their readings, but I moved out of the prop and its over 200 Mile away now so couldnt pop round for a look! What happens if the meter has not been serviced?
  4. So I've just got my final bill from british gas. My DD was set at £55 for electric and gas (suspiciously low right??) but with two people working full time in a tiny two bed I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I phoned up every month and provided meter readings and was told "ok that is very similar to our estimated so we don't need to update it" Then wham, Final bill for £1092.14!!!! Ive asked for a full breakdown of charges, payments and meter readings because when you close an account you cant access that information on your online account anymore. I can see the statements however, 18 Apr 2013 Energy Charges * 425.22 -1092.14 08 Apr 2013 Direct Debit payment received 55.00 -666.92 23 Mar 2013 Energy Charges * 551.81 -721.92 07 Mar 2013 Direct Debit payment received 55.00 -170.11 18 Feb 2013 Energy Charges * 250.36 -225.11 07 Feb 2013 Direct Debit payment received 55.00 25.25 22 Jan 2013 Miscellaneous adjustment 100.00 -29.75 18 Jan 2013 Energy Charges * 215.98 -129.75 07 Jan 2013 Direct Debit payment received 55.00 86.23 25 Dec 2012 Energy Charges * 23.77 31.23 So apparently ive used nearly £500 a month for the last two months!! I know its been cold but I rarely have the heating on and the house is only inhabited from 5pm at night! Could I really have used £500pm?? And why when I was phoning each month was I told that my estimated readings were fine and that my DD was fine! I used to work for a certain big utility supplier and If I had a customer that was using £500 PM I would advise them to increase their DD! I would have happily bumped it up at the time, but now I dont really have that option. Ive been made redundant and heavily pregnant so no hope of quick re-employment. Im back living with the parents and no idea how Im going to clear this balance!
  5. Because my partner and I have lived together so long our finances are tied (on the experian reports and everything?) Im not making the offers until I start my new job I know it sounds stupid but ive got a few jobs I could walk in to tomorrow, but Im holding out for some good pay (thats what my interviews are) then I can make a better offer and shift the debt quicker. Theyve been ignored for a few months and no ones really serious about collecting or court anymore so i think it can wait a week or two. I honestly dont understand how people struggle to get a job! I think I need to run a class, covering CVs, cover letters, interview and selling your skills like a whore LOL
  6. Yeah I think her son knows the score! I think im just going to have to try and grow myself a pair, politely and quietly
  7. Yes we still get statements, once every 6 months. I dont work at the minute (redundancy) but ive never been unemployed by choice for more than a month and ive got interviews all this week so im not that troubled. Ive been on turn2us and applied for a few grants iin the past but they were denied. Which didnt bother me that much, my situation isnt dire I can afford to pay all my bills (which is a first!) other people need that money more than me
  8. Again thank you for taking the time and effort I shall get those letters printed and posted tomorrow!
  9. My god you are a genius..... You have just made my night. If you're ever in Cumbria, tea and biscuits will be waiting for you Now what cant citizens advice just say that
  10. You make it sound so easy! Im sweating just thinking about that conversation. Honestly dont know what is wrong with me, I can stand my ground and argue like the best of them to anyone - up until they get to about 60 then they terrify me!
  11. But then when she tries to let herself in, and finds the locks have been changed she goes into psycho mode Exactly, shes not being mean or cruel its just like living with my mum
  12. So far ive been advised to change the locks - which is strictly forbidden in my tenancy agreement, Or go to the police? I think both of these options are a bit extreme, I was hoping for some sort of letter, or if there was some legal way of approaching her (cease and desist?) that wont blow up in my face? The last thing I need is to do something drastic like call the police on her and escalate the situation, because she doesnt think shes in the wrong. Im not in the best of health (still recovering) and I dont want to find myself evicted with no money to put down on a new place
  13. Debt 1 They offered a discount so somethings wrong here. Either theres no paperwork, or there are charges on the account. So how should I deal with this? Obviously I dont want CCJs, and they cant cut me off because im with someone else? Debt 2. You need to get more detail for this. Write to ask for more details as to why I owe them the money? Debt 3&4. Youve been passed through multiple DCA's because the debt is unenforceable and is filled with charges and the fraud. I would advise that you SAR santander and get all info on the account. You need the full details on the account before you pay it. If fraud happened on the account, and santander still hold you liable post investigation, then they are in trouble. Santander investigated the account and said they couldnt prove it wasnt us that spent the money, and because the charges wiped out an entire months wages it went overdrawn and they charged over £90 of overdrawn charges in one day and totalled next months pay. Ill send a SAR off this week and wait for results? Debt 6. When did you cancel the contract? Normally you have the right to cancel within 14 days of signing it. Carphone warehouse are known for errors like this, and they probably know its a bad debt but wont admit it. Thats why youve been passed through multiple DCA's. Also, HL and lowell have bought a huge amount of SB and bad debts lately. Be very careful with them as they are issuing court claims on almost every debt hoping that they gain judgement by default. However, when a defence is filed, they usually run off or try to settle out of court. Red DCA is one of the lowest DCA's there are. They only usually buy bad debts and hope the debtor is ignorant enough about the status of them to pay. It was within the 14 days because we took out one contact quoted at £30pm and when we got the paperwork it said £50pm, so we cancelled it and took out the new correct contact but the firstwas never cancelled. Was actually forcibly removed from carphone warehouse after getting in an argument with manager :shame: The only thing im worried about is most of these debts are OLD, I dont have any of the original paperwork so I dont have an evidence to contest and its really playing on my mind
  14. Most of the above debts are joint name debts or in my partners name, The DRO was in my name - and my partner couldnt have a DRO or be included in one because he was a police officer and police arent allowed DROs CCJS or Bankrupcy. So these were just the debts left behind.
  15. I havent made any payments, and the last contact for all of them was an offer of payment sent this time last year. However we had a flood and I lost the majority of information.
  16. Debt 1 £435.92 May 2012 This is an EON gas bill arrears, from when I moved house. I refused to pay the closing balance because I had been paying £30PM and then they whipped this figure out their a** saying I owed it. However as I didnt have meter readings to disprove them I couldnt appeal. This has now been passed to Wescot debt collection and then to Nelson Solicitors who are offering a measly 10% discount at present. Debt 2 £224.13 Sep 2011 No DCA on this, still with Department for Work and Pensions, an apparent benefit overpayment- they state they have explained why I owe but I havent. Debt 3&4 £192.07 & £497.75 Sep 2008 Fraud and charges on Santander account caused these accounts to go overdrawn, we went tried to appeal but was laughed out of the bank because the fraud was online and there was "no way to prove it wasnt us" after 12 months of phone calls and letters to different agencies we gave up. This account has been with Wescot, Oriel, Scotcall and is now with a company called Clarity Debt 5 £146.78 Jan 2011 Ended an car insurance policy because couldnt afford to pay it anymore. Was charged this amount to end it. Refused to pay. Now with Oriel, apparently proceeding to court in 2011 - heard nothing since. Debt 6 £293.78 Aug 2008 Owed to 02 for phone contract. Carphone warehouse cock up. Was guaranteed by employee that contract could be cancelled so we could take out another one (rather than upgrade). Ended up paying for 2 contracts, refused to pay. Not heard anything for the past two years but has suddenly had a second wind, Was with Oriel, Wescot, Scotcall, back to 02, Wescot and now Lowell and Red. Getting phone calls from red and lowell,and from hamptons legal - who work for lowell
  17. as far as im aware they do not keep and eye on you after a DRO, it is your responsibility to report to them? You should be ok, my CA advisor told me they are quite flexible...
  18. Got that sorted. I dont trust DDs anymore!
  19. The majority of the debts are because of our stupidity. Back inthe day I got really ill and had to leave work, jobcentre denied disability claim through some sort of legal loophole, (i have no idea i was too ill to really know what was going on) Rather than dealing with things we just brushed it aside and got more credit. Or pretended we didnt need to pay bills :embarrased: None of the debts have interest or charges on them, I am at least good at negotiating that. None of the debts are credit cards, bank loans or overdrafts so none had PPI. All the debts are with DCA's, they must keep selling our contract because each debt has had like 5 DCAs over the years! I have had a few discounted offers, but all for full payments (some even offer to half the debt) but im not in a financial situation to manage this.
  20. Why?? Some of the debt is in my name, some is in his, and some is joint. We have lived together for 7 years and have always split bills between us, I dont see any particular reason to start dividing our income?
  21. Heres my letter The Debtors Details Wherever they live BLW 7HE Dear Sir / Madam, Re: Account Number 000000000 I am writing to you concerning the above account, detailing current circumstances. My partner and myself have been suffering from financial difficulty as a result of unemployment. As a result I / My Partner was issued with a Debt Relief Order in January 2012. Because of this I am now able to arrange payment offers to my remaining debts. I have attached a Personal Budget Sheet, which shows our total income from all sources and our outgoings. As you can see we only have £50 per month for our creditors. The offers we have made to our creditors have been made on a pro-rata basis, and we have written to all creditors offering reduced payments. In view of our circumstances, would you please accept an offer of £00 per month. Should our circumstance improve we will contact you again with a revised payment. We would be grateful if you could send us a paying in book or standing order form to make it easier to pay you. Thank you for your assistance, we look forward to hearing from you
  22. Hi, through a variety of things, ive managed to get my (and my partners) debts of 15K down to just 1900 I was just typing up my letters of payment offers after doing some research on here. Only £400 is priority debts which I am attempting to pay off with sizeable payments, so i have £1500 in non priority, I have worked out i have £20 pm available for non priority and have sorted this out pro-rata Ive had offers refused before, alot of thses accounts have been open for 4 years with lots of offers and no payments, theyre all for little amounts so they dont seem to want to take me to court. Should i start sending token payments of £1 while I wait for them to accept / refuse my offers. and should i send the letters recorded?
  23. I have an account with vanquis, and if you come into financial difficulty you can freeze the interest and payments on your account for up to a year???
  24. A gas safety certificate is must, ( you could die ) and is illegal not to have one. Ask her to get checked and get one asap. if not report to council. I have asked her before, but Im really loathe to stir up trouble, I have had the spot checked by my friend who is a UU gas tech so I know im safe. She already has a negative impact on my life I dont need trouble. And I have very bad credit so the only way Im getting a new house when my contract is up is if she gives me a good reference. Ive already threatened her with legal action once this month after my dad (electrician) inspected the house and said several of the sockets were unsafe and needed changed. She eventually gave in after hours of arguing "its been like that for years I dont see how its suddenly not safe" Pressume you have a contract I year shorthold tenancy. Ends 01.05.13 Deposit must be protected and she must give you details, if not you can go to court to get deposit refunded etc, under new legislation. Im going to ask her if she has it in the scheme, and tell her its a legal requirement. But i know she will just insist I only want it in the scheme because I want to wreck the house and leave it a mess. Part of me wants to wait until the end of the tenancy and challenge her then, I could have her wrong and she will just give it back no questions asked. Suggest you cahange the locks, she has not right to enter property without proper notice and then only for valid reasons. See landlord and tenant act; quiet enjoyment covenant Im unemployed at the minute so finances are tight, plus im in the house all the time anyway. I dont think changing the locks would help, she cant get in at the minute with the back door jammed, she just comes down once a week (or more!) and walks round staring in every window, moving the outside furniture and bins... If we're in and refuse to answer the door she bangs on the window, insisting she wants to mow the lawn, and that we let her in to plug the mower in (even if ive only mowed it a day or two ago!) She just doesnt understand that its my house when I pay the rent! She thinks its appropriate to comment on my cleaning and housekeeping that she spies on through the windows. And moans if i have friends over - honestly its like living with my mother but worse I dont want her to be even worse, i need to keep her happy to have a good reference, and I need to stay here until the end of tenancy so i can save up some advance rent on my next place! Also I am a push over, if she was agressive or angry I could deal with her. I was brought up with psychos and I am very aggressive myself, I just dont know how to deal with passive agressive it totally de-rails me!
  25. OK Background. I rented a house off Gumtree from a private agent on 01.05.12 The rent is £450 pm and I paid £450 deposit. The house is fully furnished. Ive had problems with the landlord from day 1. I dont know how to deal with her, she is very nice but very passive agressive and I dont want to anger her but Ive got a feeling im going to get reamed when I leave (1 yr tenancy). So I am preparing myself now. Upon moving in, I was never shown safety certificates. But managed to get her to pay for some electrical repairs. (the copper pipes have not been earthed which was advised when I last had an electrician in) I also was not given an inventory which I was worried about. She came round one day and asked if she could have her pyrex, I told her there was no pyrex when I moved in, and she found mine and insisted it was hers. I told her where to stuff it because It was given to me by my grandmother and eventually she left pyrex-less. But she has done this numerous times. (1). If there is no inventory there is no way for her to try and claim my stuff? the majority of things i have reciepts for but some heirlooms i dont and im worried. (2). A few things (lamps) were broken when I moved in, she cant charge my deposit if there is no inventory? The major thing for me is the deposit. I dont think she has protected my deposit in an approved scheme. (3). When I have rented previously I have had letters from the scheme telling me they have recieved my deposit. I havent this time, is there anyway I can check? This woman really is a nuisance, she used to let herself into the house whenever she felt like it, until my partner argued with her. Even now she still lets herself in if she thinks no ones home (I have hidden upstairs once when I suspected this). And she has let herself in when my partner has been sleeping off nights. I know she doesnt have a front door key (her son does but wont let her have it), so I started leaving the back door key in the lock at an angle so she couldnt open it and she even had the cheek to bollock me for doing that! She comes round my house at 5am on bin days and puts my bin on the kerb because she is convinced I wont do it. Because one week i didnt put the bin out - it was empty. Advice please?
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