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  1. There's nothing to stop a person dismantling the bodywork and selling the panels until there is nothing left so that would be scrapped.


    My partner restores cars as a hobby, you definately need a certificate of destruction from a scrap yard. As we dismantled for parts and still had to take the chassis plates to scrappy.


    I don't think police will investigate but I am worried if it's an inspection week or something and their all on best behaviour. Knowing my luck it would be the one claim the do investigate.


    I don't think it will be restored. There are only 33 left in the uk and I owned 4,and you can't pay people to take them.


    Has anyone ever got fined for a car being burned out somewhere

  2. Hello again,


    Yet again something absolutely stupid has happened to me. My car has been stolen, but it couldn't be that simple.



    I have a red Alfa Romeo, SORN and uninsured, I took the engine out of it an transplanted it in my car, and took a few other bits and bats so it was just a rolling shell full of junk (became our skip as we knew we were getting rid).


    We towed it to the local scrap yard this morning (on an A frame which wasn't really legal). When we got to the gates, we realised we had forgot the V5. So unhooked the car, drove home and got it. When we got back to the scrap yard they were closed and the car was gone. It has no engine so it cant have been drove and the sod was heavy, on space saver wheels and with partially seized brakes so couldnt have been pushed.

    You can see the full scrap yard and it isnt in there, what do I do?


    It was towed illegally by my friend so I dont want him to get in trouble if they see him on CCTV. We also technically abandoned it to get the V5 so dont want the 2.5k fine for abandoning a vehicle. But I also dont want it to crop up a few months down the line when its found burned out, or dumped somewhere. So I cant really report it stolen can I? Also what do I do, just keep sorning it every year??

  3. You don't need to do the subject access request.


    If you have the email you sent, just send them a copy with a complaint letter threatening to go to the FOS. While any dispute is ongoing, the debt collection has to stop.


    Right Choice Insurance brokers according to reports online are a totally incompetent bunch, who seem to have processes that the FCA would not be happy with.


    When you send the complaint letter send it by recorded delivery to their Managing Director Mike Joseph.






    Exactly what I needed!! Ill get that sent tomorrow, I didnt want to complain and have DCA still calling all hours, as I have a teething-light-sleeping babY!

  4. Phew, trying not to panic.


    Im on the road to debt recovery - cleared nearly 20K of debt, now I just have a credit card which is being paid off, and a few accounts that get £5 pm. I felt like I was finally on the straight and narrow and getting my life (and credit rating) back in order!


    Its going to be hard to get the £10 to send for the SAR, as im on a really tight budget (only my partner is working as no one wants to hire someone that needs 12 months off in a few months to have and recover from an operation). Might be a few weeks as its bill week next week,


    anything i can do in the meantime?


    First thing is, you don't panic.



    Send a subject Access Request to Right Choice and enclose a £10 cheque, (better than a postal order if they should send it back).



    Ask for a copy of all correspondence and phone calls you have made to them.

  5. Hi,


    I took out car insurance in Jan 2012 with right choice insurance. I definately did not make the right choice.


    I phoned them to cancel on 17 May 2013. They told me I needed to send them an email with the policy number and my details to ensure the policy was canclled. I did this them phoned back. They told me they had recieved the email, and that the policy would be cancelled with a charge of over £300. I argued this as I had my policy documents in front of me, and there was no charge for early cancellation. Escalated to management who advised they had closed the account with no charge.

    Happy with this I went on my way.


    I moved from cumbria, and as a result did not check my Cumberland account often, as there are no Cumberland banks in merseyside.

    It was only when I was visiting friends in keswick I saw that £200 had been taken out!

    They had carried on taking my direct debit for 3 months!!


    I phoned my bank and told them the Direct Debit was not there with my permission, and they refunded it to me immediately, but now Right Choice are persuing me for the £200 saying my policy ran until August. I have the email proof of the date I cancelled, yet they are claiming to not have received it and that they have no records of my call!! I scrapped the car in May and they wont even accept that as proof.


    Now theyve sent it to a debt collector.

    What on earth do I do??

  6. Well I passed the tests before I was pregnant, but you have to do them often. I've been on prescription painkillers all my life and had to come off them while pregnant. As a result I'm in constant pain, lucky to get 2 hrs sleep and on crutches. I'm running on empty and could barely tell you my name never mind pass my cert!

    I'd rather offer about £10 pm to clear it faster. I'm just worried they might take it out my bank and feck my finances right up x

  7. this sounds like discrimination on grounds of pregnancy. tell us more about how pregnancy meant you could not perform to required standard.


    Its not. Been to CAB everything legal and above board.

    Basically have certification I need to pass to do my job. Failed several times over period of 2 month improvement plan. Employer did rverything required to help including personal tutor and weeks extra training. As a result I cannot legally do my job and there is no position available I could transfer to as not qualified for them either.

  8. So I left work over a month ago, as I was unable to perform to the standard required while pregnant.


    I was given the choice to resign and be welcomed back should I want it in the future. Or essentially start dismissal proceedings so I chose to leave.


    Got my final wage and it seemed about right so went about paying my bills.


    Got a letter from HR saying they had overpaid me by around £200. I asked for a breakdown which they supplied and I accept I was overpaid just didn't notice on my last pay because I thought I had some holidays left (I didn't).


    Problem is, I'm on JSA living with my parents. I moved back to try and get out of debt, so the majority of my JSA is already on payment arrangement for council tax arrears/water arrears/gas arrears.


    I don't have the £200 just to give back. I could only offer £5-10pm max. Would they accept this??


    I'm also worried they might just take it straight out of my bank as I was paid by Direct Debit. Then I'll have a massive overdrawn and not paymy other bills



  9. People in call centres generally have a ****ty job. They spend the day getting shouted at and that's it. Maybe a mere 10% of calls are related to commendations or other good topics. So their aim generally is to get people off the phone and do as little as possible. Also, I've found that alot of them are jobs worths. Literally they will go out of their way to avoid doing anything which 'isnt in their contract'.


    They need to rethink this and put that energy they use in evasion and arguments into something positive like going that extra mile and being friendly. Generally this is why I only really speak to senior staff i.e. executive teams. They're the positive ones which filtered through the low level jobs and worked their way up through hard work and excellence.


    Before I worked for myself, I was the senior engineer at a local IT firm. Often enough I used to give customers my personal numbers if it hit 5pm and the lines were shut off. I never asked for overtime for this, neither did I ask for any positive feedback. Either way I got it, and after a few months of doing this, I was pulled up for misconduct because I didn't bill the clients accordingly. When I answered it with a timesheet that I kept of the dates and times people called (I'ma bit of a list maker lol), and on top of that coupled it with a demand for overtime, I got another formal warning for claiming unapproved overtime :-/ Just goes to show how people work eh :-/ In the end I wound up getting ACAS involved as I chose to do this personally and never asked for a penny from the clients. lol as a response I got an offer of 6 months worth of salary for a mutual redundancy :p What made me laugh even more is I used that money to open up an IT company myself and the majority of those customers followed me HAHA :D


    I did send them a thankyou card and a bottle of wine for the foot up with the money and clients. Needless to say I never got a reply from them xD


    I thought working in a call centre was a really fun job! But then I have always been odd. Nothing more satisfying that getting someone so angry they cant even swear coherently and sending them away happy! I think most call centre staff just take it too personally. The person on the phone isnt angry at the call centre agent, theyre angry at the company and faceless employees that have messed up their little world.



    Legend getting ACAS involved btw, Ive only had to whisper their name and got the redundancy pay I wanted from my previous job because it was dodgey as hell!

  10. This is why I document all of my accounts down to even the comms I have on the phone and by mail :) I have every nicely set into a several year old database which I've been developing. That way I get to usually bollock the DCA's from two angles. Once by me, and the other time by their manager xD Mind you, There's still big holes in it from years gone by when I wasn't doing so well with admin work.


    its funny how DCA's dont like to be told when they're wrong when you have all of the facts in front of you, including phone calls (either transcribed or recorded), scanned letters in and out and text messages. I love how they start to panic that they're under scrutiny. I guess those micromanagement courses paid off in the end :) Its a bugger and a lengthy process to keep it all in shape, but sure saves you high blood pressure and bitchy DCA's getting away with it on the phone :D


    I know what you mean, I'm not as vigilant but I do keep records of all comms. There is nothing better than that moment of silence when an over-eager dca has rattled off the company spiel and then seen the note to back up what you have said and theyre trying to think the best way to not admit they are wrong.


    I just dont understand why most people you talk to are so arsey over the phone! I always took the view that if there was a problem it was probably my companies fault, because it usuually was! Except from those random calls that would be absolute raving loonies.

  11. Thanks for the advice guys, I knew I had upto 6 years to put a claim in. I was just hoping I could get it sorted before I have my baby because I dont like the idea of filling in all those legal documents when severely sleep deprived! Ah well.


    From the look of things shes goingto want to settle anyway. Ive never had any involvement with small claims so never knew how expensive it could be for the looser.

  12. You can still get advice from the council and CAB with regards to making a claim against her.


    You can make a claim against her on line via this site. I understand that money maybe tight but you will get it back if you win which I have no doubts you will as what she has done is unlawful.




    Have a read of this. :)



    Ah I didnt know you had to pay the court fees up front, I thought they were decided after!


    Ive been unemployed since April because of my pregnancy (all legally done unfortunately), and the Jobcentre have yet to pay me a penny, despite me working vigilantly to get a job (although who would hire a 6month pregnant lady I have no idea). I am submitting my Maternity Allowance next week so hopefully should be getting some money then but thats still looking at a timeline of 2-4 weeks before I see some cash.

    Anyway better derail myself before I go off on one, the "ive been working since I was 16 and never claimed a penny and now I need something I cant get anything!!" speech gets old fast.

  13. I dont have a "Local" housing office. The house I rented was in Cumbria, and Ive moved back to Merseyside to have my baby.


    Ive been advised to send her a Notice Before Action, and hope she chooses to settle outside of court, because I really dont want to be going into small claims court when I am nearly term! Although theres no way I wouldnt take it to court because I'm desperate for the cash and shes not cheating it out of me!

  14. HAHAH!!!


    I sid something similar to Southern Water lol I got a water bill for a 4 bedroom house for the 1 bedroom flat I live in (it didnt say that)... So I called them up and I asked the person who answered 'is your director of custom services on drugs'... lol, the guy was quiet for like 10 seconds lol :D


    Love it, although I shouldnt.


    I used to work for UU on the phones to deal with usage and billing queries, and later on the DCA line. Ive had more than my fair share of "oh god someone has messed up and Im going to get b!!!!!!!d"

  15. lol :D Yeah I had something like that.. A £200 bill ended up a £10000 bill due to their estimate overshooting my actial reading.. So what they did was charge me according to the meter doing a full circle around the clock... They had to send mine to a specialist department too which resolved it.


    Ah well, glad to know you werent growing pot in your cellar hahaha :D


    Happy for your outcome :) *thumbs up*


    If I was growing Pot in my cellar a £1000 bill would be the last of my worries ;) but at least id be chilled about it haha

  16. Hi just some background infomraiton.


    I moved into my old property on 27th April 2012 and moved out on the 27th April 2013.


    The property was supplied as fully furnished (NO INVENTORY), £450 a month payable on the 7th. And £450 put down as a deposit.


    On the tenancy agreement it states she would put the deposit in a DPS scheme which she didnt.



    Ive complained about her on here before shes a little bit mad. (Read: coming round and 5am to put bins out and randomly walking into house so we had to keep doors locked at all times).



    So now the tenancy is over, she did an inspection on the 27th when I was there, and in front of 4 witnesses said everything was fine, everything was wonderfully clean and asked for my bank details to return deposit.


    This did not happen. I contacted her and asked her what was going on. She said she needed to make some deductions but didnt know how much yet because she hadnt finished doing all the work. When I pressed her she produced this list by email.


    Hi Danielle, I have not managed to clean the whole house yet because there is so much to do.


    The bathroom is fine.


    SMall bedroom / when I moved the bed there is oil on the carpet and also some a blue stain, which you did not mention. I have arranged to get the carpet cleaned 15 May and it shouldnt cost any more than 45pounds.

    I have asked for pictures but she has not replied as I rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned ALL the carpets


    The curtain rail also needs fixed to the wall.

    It was attached to wall when I left and has never fell off in the year I lived there why would it fall off now??


    Front bedroom, I have had to remove the border, not sure what you have done but there are peices misssing all around it.

    All the wallpaper in the front bedroom is peeling / rotting because of rising damp which is visible on all walls. I advised her of this on regular basis through tenancy


    The curtain also needs to be fixed to the wall.

    Again, it was up when we left??? With Curtains!! And if you drive past the curtains have always been up!


    Hall / bottom step has a large oily patch and the small hall was not cleaned.

    Actuslly there are oil marks all around the house.

    Oil??? Again asked for pictures, not provided


    Lounge / is not too bad.


    I have has to paint the conservatory which has marks on the walls.

    Read: rising damp. all the marks are black mould.


    Kitchen I have not tackled yet, but the light needs repaired.

    Bathroom piping burst over winter and flooded kitchen, all the kitchen lights fell out of the ceiling and kitchen was nearly foot under water. She knew about this and had someone come and re-fit the broken lights. Dont see why I should pay


    The cooker and fridge need cleaned but I have not checked it yet the rest of it yet.

    My parents actually cleaned these for me, because I cant bend to well being heavily pregnant and they were spotless. Cleaner than when I moved in seeing as I had to buy new oven racks the old ones were so manky


    I'msorry it is taking me longer than usual,


    There was alot of wood left lyin ariound and in the shed which I have disposed of.

    Wood from when she had the fence replaced. "Christine do you want me to take that to the tip for you when I go tomorrow, nah its fine love"


    I think it will be a couple of weeks before I can assess the cost, hope you are feeling OK with the baby.


    I have an odd job man who will fix the curtain rails at a low cost but the light I will have to get an electrician.


    Seeing as she was being such an arse, I respectfully sent her a request for details of the DPS scheme, as well as Gas Safety Certs which I know she doesnt have.

    She has not responded.


    Just wondering what I should do now. Should I send the same again, in a letter with recorded delivery? And then issue small claims? How do I even go about doing this?

  17. I now have a full paper copy of all the information, as they have completed the investigation.


    And amazingly, my account balance is not 1000 in debit. It is in fact £135 in CREDIT!


    I cant even understand how there was such a massive discount. And if It was my Landlord - she's obviously trying to cheat a years worth of gas out of me because I'm taking her to small claims court for not using DPS or returning my deposit.

  18. Hi thanks for the advice, but as I mentioned earlier, when an account is finalled you cannot view any information online.


    When I log on to BG online it tells me the acc is closed and the balance, and then its got the basic information like supply address ect. When you try to view anything such as past statements, past meter readings, usage or anything you get this popup


    Sorry, there has been a problem

    Access to this section is currently unavailable. Please try again later.


    When I phoned the online account team they said that you cannot access any of these facilities when the account is closed.

  19. TBH, if this were me, I would still send the Subject Access Request - if they are going to take a couple of weeks to do their investigation, if it doesn't go your way, then at least you are part way through the 40 calendar days they have to supply the SAR data.


    It might be worth considering also, that they would have time to alter data to fit their scenario.. so probably a good idea to circumvent that.. !


    Fair Point, I will pop one in the post anyway onmonday. Whats the Charge for a SAR again? At United Utilities its £10 I dont know if its the same across the board.




    NEVER going with BG AGAIN!!! EDF are the only energy company ive delt with that seem to give a toss. But I was lead astray by the promise of cheap utiliites, I should have known better LOL

  20. Yes, get a Subject Access request out to them immediately. You need copies of all the meter readings in what ever format. eg, their estimated readings and those you provided to them. Did they ever do a proper meter reading ?


    You want to see the statements for each billing period. I find it very hard to believe that you would use £500.00 of gas each month, especially if you aren't there.


    Do you happen to know the new people in the flat ? Perhaps you could ask them what their meter reading was for a couple of months ?


    Do you think I should wait the 14 days, see what the new "revised" balance is after they have done their investigation?


    I have requested a full account breakdown from the day I switched (wish I never had!) to date I moved out.

    I asked for all payments made, all charges invoiced, all meter readings entered and the dates.

    If thats not satisfactory I will send a SAR I think.


    They came out in March to read the meters.


    The prop is currently unnocupied (only moved out on the 27th April).


    I have an itching suspicion that if BG isnt trying to [problem] me, my previous LL is! She provided false meter readings when we entered the prop which took ages to sort out (she was trying to get us to pay for the previous tenants gas). Got that sorted finally.


    I phoned on the 28th with my final readings, (I took pictures of the meters on the 27th and send them to LL so we both had them). Im wondering if the "problem" with the meter readings is she has provided a higher one, to cover her as she is going to move back in later this month!


    I was previously with EDF energy and my DD was £65 PM and the account was closed in credit when I switched to BG.

  21. hi, british gas did this to me.

    I was living in a 2 bedroom 3rd floor flat by myself. I rarely had the heating on i was out most the day and night (I had 2 jobs and went to college) it was for the months march - june (not so cold months) and I lived in the top floor so i gained most of the below floors heating and then a £600 bill landed. I couldn't believe it!! I contested it and they ended up putting a card meter in but they said I was still liable. I moved out and left no forwarding address and that was over 10 years ago, never heard from them since and there no record of it ever being on my credit file. They are the biggest energy con artists going! I'll never go with british gas ever again.


    I take it you've given them your forwarding addess? if so just return post unopened saying return to sender no longer at this address!



    Yes I provided them with my Forwarding Address. I have a really bad credit file and couldnt do with another black mark, so I figured I would offer them £5PW worse case scenario.

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