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  1. We were in student dorms and were introduced to a KD rep who sorted everyone out with the 12 month contracts, so we were instructed to write to them a few weeks before instructing them to cancel our contract on a certain date and return our modems by post. I did it pretty much exactly as a mate of mine did who had no trouble at all. I know two others who had been caught out and paid up. Obviously I did something wrong, not cancelling in time or whatever. Having gone through the posts on here I feel somewhat reassured. I could care less about my credit rating in Germany to be honest as I c
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'd be looking to move around a year from now.. My only concern's if I was to move would be to rent an apartment, open a bank account etc. I would never be looking for proper credit. If it was any other country I wouldn't really give a toss but Germans being Germans can be very particular about certain things and I know do credit checks for apartments.
  3. Hi folks, In need of some advice here. I studied in Germany for a year until August 2011. While there I had a contract with Kabel Deutschland for my internet. When I left (I live in Ireland) I posted off my modem as instructed. Out of the blue, in May, I received a letter from a collections company claiming I owed them and KD €500. All the letters I receive are in German btw and my German isn't what it was. What I think happened is that my contract (which was about €20 p/m) ran until August and I closed my bank account before paying the final instalment. Anyway, my first respons
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