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  1. The bc was taken out around 2007/2008 I don't know exactly to be honest.
  2. Hi Unclebulgaria67 thank you for your kind support I do really appreciate so much. When I did acknowledged it was the 20 of Sep and then I thought I could have 14 days from that date. He doesn't want to have any ccj and also I tried to speak with him but it's not easy due for his poor health. He keeps continue to say that he doesn't think that he owes all that amount. I am here struggling myself to help him out and I feel very frustated to be honest. I will defo call tomorrow the court and do the set aside. Do you think perhaps is still possible to fight and perhaps sort this out as unforceable? Sorry keep asking you so many questions but it's very important for him and I don't want his health is getting worse. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Unclebulgaria, Yes there is just this debt, nothing else. I responded to the court a week ago, but it means then that I do have 14 days after that? So if I did it on the 20 of Sep then I do have 14 days, is it that right? Also my partner said that he never signed any paper agreement with BC. To be honest I am not sure. Any more help? thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I m new on this forum and I do really need your help. My partner for the last year became very ill and I don't know for how long it will be here. Unfortunately the docs can't say and I am trying my best to give him all my love and support. We are abroad now, he decided to stay in my house down here and in the meantime followed by a good team of docs. Let's hope he will recovered very soon. Anyway, last week I came to UK to collect the post and I have found a county court claim issue againsts him from a solicitor acting on behalf of BC. I couldn't believe it when I read the amount it's over 8000 pounds. We are not rich and I left my secure job in UK and he's not working at the moment. The trouble is that he has got an house and we don't want to loose it. I really need your help guys. What can I do to make this claim void? I read some other posts about being unenforceable. Is there any chance for my long term ill partner? The county court was issued on the 25 of August. I did respond on line saying last week that I did want to dispute and wish to contest the court's jurisdiction. That's what I did. Now I have tried to go on line but it doesn't let me see the claim. Please help me out because I don't know what to do. Thank you guys.
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