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  1. Sorry if I have done this wrong im new to posting. Has anyone heard of uk search ltd? They've been sending me emails, then one letter then I didn't hear anything. My neighbour stopped someone going through my bin and they said they were from a recycling company called search? Am I being paranoid or is that weird. I know it needs dealing with and not putting off but im getting over a nervous breakdown and am finding it hard to get the courage to talk to them even though they say its in my best interests to call them
  2. i have had the same problem. stick to your guns and persist. you have made very effort to communicate reasonably about this debt, and made an offer of payment. make a note of all communication. make a formal complaint to mmf about their conduct also. this adds fuel to your complaint to the oft when you say you have tried to complain and they have ignored you. easier said than done i know but remain calm, being in debt is not a crime.
  3. hiya. hope this is right place to post. ive had a letter from eos regarding a disputed debt from about 5 years ago. it doesnt shw on my credit file either. is their anything i can do? thanks in advance
  4. thank you, i think i need to toughen up a bit i will send this
  5. hi can anyone offer me any advice? i cant eat im so worried mackenzie hall have taken on my overdue credit card and payday loan. i do not live with my parents, they live in sheltered housing as my dads disabled and mums ill. some how mackenzie hall have got their number and keep phoning and asking for me, im a nervous wreck with it and its upsetting mum. ive just lost my job to ill health have a lot of debt and priority arrears so am stressed enough with out this. they are contacting me by email and are abrupt and aggressive
  6. thank you for your reply. i just cant face him. i know i sound pathetic but i just cant. is there any way i can do this without being any where near him
  7. i wonder if anyone can give me any advice, sorry if this is he wrong place. i left my abusive ex as he made my life hell. he's now got a judgment in default against me for bills and a loan that are all in his name he says i agreed to pay half. i have received a bit of legal aid but am basically told to get the judgment set aside i need to go and face him in court and put mys side across. while this sounds straight forward i am terrified and its keeping me awake at night. i left our home with a carrier bag of stuff. i never went to the police about the abuse but its documented on my medical records. btw i only found the judgement on checking public records after a problem with credit. thanks for any advice in advance.
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