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  1. i am fully aware it is a claim form hence why the title of the post was a claim form. Apologies if my terminology is incorrect! as the first reply to my post has pointed out my error, i will seek advice elsewhere. thank you for replying
  2. Hello, I hope I have posted this in the right place! I am utterly upset and shocked by this letter. Today I have received a letter from Northampton County Court advising that I owe £534.24 plus costs to UU. Now I do not dispute this bill at all as it is my annual 2017 - 2018 bill however my issues are as follows; - I had a zero balance with UU up until the most recent bill was issued on 1st April - The bill itself stated that I needed to pay £267.12 on 1st April and £267.12 on 1st October - I knew I wasn't able to afford the April payment so called them to arrange a plan to pay this off at £66.78 per month starting from the end of May running until September as my payday is 28th of each month. - As far as I was aware this was agreed however I didn't get anything in writing and more fool me, I didn't think this would be an issue. - I have not had any reminder from UU - I have now been told I have to pay the £534.24 plus £130 court costs which is for my bill up until 31.03.2018! -Can they give me a CCJ for a service I haven't had yet? - I dont have any proof of this payment plan as it was all done on the phone (i feel foolish now but they tell you to call them if you cant pay so I did) - How do I reply to this court letter? - Do I make the £66.78 payment at the end of the month? I do not dispute the bill of course but I cannot believe they have done this to me and I dont know what to do. Please can you help. Thank you
  3. Hello, I am hoping i have the correct area. I purchased 2 pairs of Nike trainers from Sports Direct online just over 2 weeks ago. I received an email from them with the despatch number so I could track the delivery. Both pairs of trainers were despatched together under 1 reference. 24 hours later Yodel arrived with a package which contained 1 pair of trainers. My partner signed for the delivery and asked the delivery driver where the other pair were and he advised they might arrive tomorrow. We looked at the way the trainers were packaged and thought they weren't wrapped well but didn't think much more of it. 2 days later and the second pair of trainers had not arrived. I contacted Yodel who were less than helpful. I then contacted Sports Direct. They emailed me a disclaimer form which i filled out and emailed back along with a copy of the online conversation I had with Yodel. I was advised an investigation would begin and I would be contacted within 48 hours. 2 weeks later and 3 lengthy phone calls to them and I am getting no where. I was advised that the trainers were being despatched and that I would receive an email within 24 hours, then I was advised that it is awaiting approval from a manager as they are high value (£80). When I asked if I could talk to the manager I was advised they were not at the desk. I asked if they could call me back and was advised yes and I have again been waiting and nothing. I understand that they have to investigate as Im sure there are some people out there that may try and claim non receipt of goods but I am wondering what my rights are in this case if they keep dragging this out. They have £80 of my money for an item I dont have. I even pulled out the packaging from the bin and found that it looked as though the plastic had been cut in half and there was tape around it with 'Repacked' written on it. Please can anyone advise as each time I call them I am on hold to an 0870 number for at least 20 mins! Many Thanks
  4. oh dear. Thank you for letting me know, I will keep an eye out for any correspondence. BC have been writing to me at my old address despite my requests to contact me at my new address, but the court have wrote to me at my new address. I hope I dont miss any letters from AG if they decide to continue.
  5. Well I have received a letter from Bryan Carter today as follows. 'We refer to your recent communication. Please note that we are no longer instructed in connection with this matter and have returned the account to our client' Im hoping that this will be the end of the matter, what do you think? Thank you for all your help!
  6. Thanks so much, I will get this done tonight and post first thing!
  7. Thanks for your prompt reply. I have checked my credit files both Equifax and Experian and do so on a regular basis. I have never seen this debt on there, I have just checked Equifax again to be on the safe side and there is nothing at all relating to a debt with Capital One / Arrow Global or Bryan Carter or for any amount which resembles this figure. Many Thanks
  8. I have today received a reply from Bryan Carter which is a reply to the court defense not my actual letter. This is what it contains ' We have been notified by the court that you have filed a defense to this claim. In an attempt to settle this matter before hearing and in order to avoid either party incurring further costs, we confirm that out client is prepared to accept payment of the full balance by monthly installments. Please insert an affordable sum in relation to your financial circumstances in the blank space in the proposed Order and return it to us within 7 days. Provided the amount is reasonable we will sign the Order and send it to court to be sealed. Alternatively, if you would like to settle this debt now, then please contact us on 08453133128 for a settlement figure. We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can agree to settle this matter without the need for a Court hearing but if we do not hear from you we will apply to the Court to strike out your defence at hearing which, if successful, may result in further costs being payable by you.' Enclosed with this letter is a Consent Order which I am required to sign which is my acceptance of the amount of £892.18 (which includes solicitors and court fees). I am confused by parts of this order. It states 'IT IS ORDERED that all further proceedings in this action be stayed upon the terms set out in the schedule hereto save for the purpose of enforcing or carrying into effect the said terms with liberty to apply for that purpose and IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that there be no order as to costs' Bryan Carter has given me 7 days to reply - I really now don't know what to do. I have just discovered that this debt applies to a Capital One credit card which my ex boyfriend took out in my name. We split long ago and to be honest I completely forgot that he had done this. I'm sure this is over 6 years old but how should I reply to this letter? The strage thing is that I have a Capital One card which I took out approx 6 months ago. Surely they would not have allowed me a new card if I had a debt on an old one? I would be really grateful for any urgent advice as the letter is dated 5.10.2012 and I have only received this today giving me 3 days to reply. Many Thanks
  9. Thank you, I have drafted this letter and am about to post it recorded delivery. I will post back with the outcome!
  10. I have filed a defense online stating I have no knowledge of this debt and have not received any paperwork and it is not on my credit file. Can anyone help with the type of letter that I need to send to Bryan Carter? I am looking to get this drafted today so I can post tomorrow. Also what happens if they do not get back to me within the 14 days that I have? Many Thanks
  11. Hello I have today received court papers from Northampton County Court and also a letter from Bryan Carter stating that they have started litigation procedures against me. The claim form states that I agreed to pay monthly installments but have failed to do so. The amount is £767.18 and then with fees brings it to £892.18. I have never heard of Arrow Global and best of all the Bryan Carter letter and the court papers have been issued to an address that I lived at 12 months ago. I have moved twice since then. Its only because my friend who now lives in that property passes any mail onto me that I even know about this. I do regular checks on my Experian and Equifax reports and have never seen this debt on there! Im really concerned as to what this may be as I am about to start Maternity Leave and will be on SMP so do not have this kind of money. I am not aware of this debt at all. Am I able to defend this claim and send a prove it letter? Im worried about the correct procedures and being 35 weeks pregnant, I am struggling to get out and about to get to CAB. I also need to get this sorted asap as once my baby arrives I may be more likely to miss deadlines etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks
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