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  1. i havent told the medical people ,they think that he didnt show up for the medical because i had a blown tyre , but the truth was i had no intention of taking him because of he is still grieving and is unpredictable , do i put it on that appeal form ?
  2. hello someone told me that somebody might help me im so streesed out and i feel just awful , i care for someone , a friend he is 37 years old i have known for many years , after he lost his partner 8 years ago he had various mental health issues and an obsession that everyone around him might die would result in endless panic attacks etc , on august the 7th his cousin died and he only has a few people in his life his cousin being one of them .now the way he goes about it is ,pretending that it has not happened i know that is not the way to deal with things but i respect tha
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