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  1. Hi Sally, perfect homes is a company I wouldn't advise my enemies to do business with never mind my friends, in my summation P/H is a rip-off company preying on people who cannot afford to buy goods for cash, they hoodwink customers by giving deliberate bad advice, the staff are badly trained, unhelpful once you sign the contract, even their pamphlets are misleading, I'd cancel any business with them and also report them to T/S as a matter of course, they don't have a complaints policy or procedure for settling issues. I would stipulate that you ask them to correspond with you in writing, which they won't. cancel any dealings you have with them asap it will save you heaps of aggravation in the future if you read my thread you'll see what I mean.
  2. thanks DX for your ever-useful inputs to my queries regarding P/H. the procedure as I remembered it was me signing original credit agreements and they photocopying them and giving me back the originals,. why then should they (PURPORTED PHOTOCOPIES sent to me) not match the originals that I have? I am in no way trying to waive my responsibilities regarding my debt and neither do I expect P/H waive their responsibility towards me or the CONSUMER CREDIT ACT! 1974 IF my summation is correct then I believe that P/H must have acted mistakenly or fraudulently by sending me these falsified documents, I am now minded to seek proper legal advice for these inconsistencies seem deliberate, or should I query these issues with P/H ortrading standards
  3. Today 9/11/12 I received a purported photocopy of my original signed credit agreements from Perfect Homes, as requested (under the C.C.A 1974 sec 77-78) on 10th October 2012, I requested a copy of my signed credit agreements and a statement of accounts to determine how much I have paid and how much my arrears are to date. I have now found my original credit agreements I had from the store,. ..I have realised that these copies I received this morning are different from the originals in the respect that the signatures are clearly different, and most astonishingly I have an original unsigned contract which now appears with signatures in the photocopy sent this morning. QUERY 1, why do these photocopies sent to me differ in these respect ( everything else in the contracts that are printed are the same). Shouldn't their photocopies match my original documents exactly? Query 2, why has my UNSIGNED original credit agreement now appears SIGNED in the photocopy received today Am I overlooking something or am I being hoodwinked here, please tell me all is above board and I am being treated fairly or something doesn't seem right . PLEASE ADVISE, Thanking anyone and everyone in advance for any advice offered.
  4. Well Dx, MY funding of their JOLLIES don't leave me no lolly to go on a jolly with my Dolly and she ain't happy about it!! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR INPUTS YOUR'RE A TRUE SOLDIER, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
  5. Why are they behaving in such a fashion by disregarding the CCA 1974, FAILING TO SUPPLY ME WITH THESE REQUESTED PARTICULARS? when can I report these people to Trading Standards, or the Financial Ombudsman, I've had no correspondence from P/H since my initial letter only daily phone calls, I was told that I had to have COVERPLUS and T.A. D. FOR THE DEAL TO GO THROUGH, I WASN'T TOLD THAT THESE WERE OPTIONAL, I now realise I've been misled from day one, no wonder they are failing to respond to my letters, I cant wait for them to take me to court so I can EXPOSE THEIR ILLEGAL AND UNPROFFESSIONAL BEHAVIOUR!!! I guess there are a lot of people in debt to Perfect Homes because of their mis-selling of unnecessary products, COVERPLUS and their T.A.D s. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?,,,,,,, ... THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR APPROXIMATELY ONE MONTH NOW, SURELY ANY DECENT LAW-ABIDING COMPANY WOULD OF CORRESPONDED WITH ME BY NOW!!!
  6. I have sent 3 different correspondences to perfect homes asking for a copy of my credit agreement and customer account, complaints procedure and asking to correspond to via mail and not send any of their employees to my address without an appointment, from the date of my first letter (10th October2012) to today 3rd November 2012. my 1st and 3rd letters were recorded delivery, I am in arrears WHY HAVEN'T THEY CONTACTED ME YET!! I sent these letters to my local shop where my accounts are held, what have I done wrong, how long do you have to register a complaint against a staff member? HELP ANYONE!!!!
  7. Hi Deamon68 how do you do? yeah I 've had a load of unprofessional attitude, illegal behaviour and contraventions of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 by Perfect Homes. I have written to them on three(3) different occasions asking for various advice:- (1st) for a copy of my signed Credit Agreement and my Account Statement enclosing the statutory £1.00 fee as reguired under sec. 77-78 of the C.C.Act, 1974. I needed to find out how much I had already paid and how much I had left to pay. They phone me 2-4 a day every day even after I explicitly asked them not to phone me and to correspond with me via letter only, the calls persist to today! UNANSWERED BUT LOGGED. MY SECOND letter asked them for a copy of their complaints procedure, and asking them not to phone me but to correspond with me via letter, asking again for a copy of my Agreement and Accounts as well as offering to pay off my arrears at a certain rate. NO REPLY!, STILL THE CALLS COME . My third letter asked them not to send any of their employees to my address again (2 visits on consecutive days to come collect goods or discuss payment of arrears 2 missed payments) until they comply with request for a copy my signed AGREEMENTS and ACCOUNTS as I've asked for twice previously, they are legally bound by the CCA 1974 SEC 77-78 to forward such requested particulars within 12 working days. from (10th October 2012,) I've had advice from the C.A.B and the NATIONAL DEBTLINE, They provide some legal advice, factsheets, links to a lot of people who want to HELP YOU and are available on a freefone no. As I understand it the extra warranty that P/H runs called COVERPLUS is OPTIONAL and yes you don't need it the product usually have enough warranty anyway but I believe it its necessary to insure your goods one way or another. I hope I've helped in some small way, regards Danny Bromwich
  8. thanks again dx 100uk , How would I go about this, I don't have home or contents insurance and won't they ask me to return the goods in that case? please advise
  9. Hi dx100uk thanks for answering my query re perfect homes, this is my saga so far. In January this year I purchased a tv from perfect homes on hp. this is the cost breakdown: credit/price: £749.99, Total Amount Payable(tap)=£1076.40@ £6.90 x 156weeks payment schedule: hire purchase = 6.90, fix-sum loan agreement Cover Plus=3.74 Theft& Accidental Damage =2.62 weekly total =13.26 I agreed to pay this bi-weekly @ £27.00 keeping me ahead by 48p, I continued to pay this amount by standing order In May I purchased a refurbished Laptop, credit/price=£722.49,T.A.P=£1037.40@ 6.65x156wks pay. sched. H/P=6.65 coverplus = 4.80 TAD = 3.13 weekly total = 14.58 I agreed to pay this bi-weekly @£29.16 jointly with the £27.00 @£56.00 ahead by32p I continued to pay 56.00 bi-weekly until September when I phone and inform the shop that I would be unable to make the Sept 14 payment due to personal circumstances and would bring my account up to date on the 28 Sept, it was agreed on account of me paying for 3 weeks instead of the usual two. on the 14th I was called regarding my weeks payment I said that I had sorted it, over the next two weeks I had almost daily calls until I went into the shop and reiterated my circumstances, they said no problem, the calls continued but I ignored them, they sent two demand letters, the 2nd one on the 28 sept my due day. I went into the store on the 28 to pay the bill, on attemping to pay my bill I was Informed that my account had been debited by £56.00 that morning, I handed the second bill received that morning over to the assistant who read it and said forget that and began to rip it up I aburptly stopped him and said I needed them for my personal records, he returned the letter in two pieces. I then offered to pay a further £50.00 but was advised I didn't need to pay so much £30.00 would do to put me aweek ahead so I agreed and paid the £30.00, he then asked me to fill out a new S/O (ripping up the old one) At the same amount as before, £56.00, business concluded On checking and rechecking my bank account the following day I realised funds were missing I called P/H and enquired about my debit payment and was told my account was debited by £75.24, I was upset and relayed what had taken place the day before in conclusion I was told that I can come and have the £30.00 back, I agreed to this and said I'll be in next day. I went into the shop and took receipt of the £30.00 end of. I had occasion to be discussing some technical matter regarding my laptop with a member of staff when I was rudely interuppted (by the assistant who had misled me over my account) asking how I was going to pay next weeks payment because I had just taken back the £30.00 in quite a loud voice, I said that I had already dealt with it, he persisted with his questioning in front of other customers and by now I had become embarrassed and suggested we take the inquisition to a private room. what happened in there is now subject to a complaint I'm making against this assistant. can I stop paying this cover plus thing for I really don't see the need without incuring any penalties? Many Thanks D,B.
  10. I am being phoned constantly by p/h, even though I've been in store and made necessary arrangements, it seems that there is no communications between members of staff, please help thank you.
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