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  1. Could you tell us the outcome of this?
  2. A lot of friends have used it and been quite happy with the vouchers - but also heard some horror stories !
  3. Quite interesting in a similar situation will use this advice !
  4. Usually its to do with where the car is kept for safety reasons which could affect your quote?
  5. I agree with renegadeimp, best option is to seek sound legal advice
  6. Haha, had so much trouble with Maps think NavFree on App store is ok !
  7. Anyone have any tips as opposed to stop smoking products to help ?!
  8. Wanting a cig when drunk is the worst and the hardest I find to kick
  9. Patches or e-cigs best route to go down?
  10. Surely there is an issue related to second hand smoke around children !
  11. Seen this in quite a lot of shops already think its a good idea
  12. Correct - smoking should be banned in the vicinity of hospitals I believe
  13. Plain packets without warnings but no brandings etc could be better?
  14. well done ! what did you find best out of patches/e-cigs etc?
  15. Yeh, and think companies could do more to post such pictures or even go with plain branding on packages
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