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  1. The bank rang me and left messages for me to ring them so when I rung back they said they had attempted loads of times different amounts, it's on there system pde have attempted it, I could ask for a copy as my proof for my records, they couldn't take anything tho as the account was empty an doesn't get used anymore
  2. Yes I will do...couldn't believe it when they rung me 7 times in one day different amounts aswell
  3. Still keep any eye on your account tho, payday express tried about 7 times a day to take a payment from my account I had the bank fraud team ringing me in the end, I don't actually keep money in there but be careful I made out I lost my card but only on the new card the long number was different, can they still take cash even tho the sort an account number are the same??
  4. Hi Just an update of Where im at Ive decided Long ånd hard to give up fighting. i have till the middle of the month to pay back £100 ånd they will remove the ccj on my report, Where i could pay £80 to set å side i may aswell just pay the £100 to get rid of them once and for all, i know i should just go an set aside but Its gone on long Enough i would like to thank you for all your advice you have made me more tuffer than what i was and to take no notice of them i want them out my life forever Thanks again xx
  5. Hi I Was paying Equidebt last year which my pduk Was passed to them i paid online on there website After i set an arrangement up £20 å month which Was recorded on loud speaker for my evidence they kept asking to set up å dd but no way there having my details...no intrest Was added which Suppose Was å good thing..
  6. If there saying it was obtained shouldnt i have had a letter or something? I will ring the court up tomorrow an see Whats going on!!! I agree lesson is learnt Thanks u
  7. Hi Thanks for the advice Ive rung the court up and they said the judgment was obtained 19th so does this give 28 days to pay safeloans?? safeloans emailed and said i have till the 7th to pay as the judgment was obtained before the 19th they said, and they will remove the ccjs otherwise i will have to pay to get it removed.. Im confused What you think i should do pay the application or just give up an pay sl any advice will be great
  8. Yeh thats correct they sent my defence back, no court order or anything If i want to appeal to pay £80 there as bad as safeloans, their saying(safeloans) i need to pay £227 its gone up within 28days plus my credit report now Has a ccj on it..... Dunno Where to go from here
  9. they said they obtained a judgement on friday and she said i didnt get my defence back in quick enough i explained that i hadint recieved any paperwork and that i rung up last week and nothing was on file that they had requested or anything only saying about april where they sent a claim form out etc, and she said i must of done which i never she was a horrible womon i just checked my credit report and theres a ccj on that now!!!!
  10. So gets a letter off the court today along with my defence back saying i was over the 19days to get it back in from when the judgment Was requested???? Hold on there wasint any judgment when I rung up and If there Was it was well back in time they now want £80 to continue with the application....
  11. Thanks.... there doing my head 'right in, the court should have hopefully of received my letter friday so hope they reply..
  12. Well it's gone up and still says obtained judgement Even tho they say it's passed to collections
  13. We wrote to you just over a week ago but as yet you have not responded to our letter. You have still not made any contact or any attempt to pay the outstanding (CCJ) judgment debt of £227.81. We are now left with no option but to seek enforcement action in requesting an Attachment Of Earnings Order at your local county court on the 26/10/2012. We wish to advise you that if we obtain the attachment of earnings order this process will involve your employer providing the court with a certificate of your earnings and if a full attachment of earnings is granted the court will order your employer to
  14. Apparently I've got till 5 today to pay or its going to collections haha
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