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  1. Cheers for the reply, I did notice it said England and Wales. Problem is I have no defense as just never seen the sign as it was 9pm ,and its a residential area with a pokey small Tesco metro.So no point in an appeal anyway.Will ignore.
  2. Hi again, thanks for past advice but just noticed on another site that the law regards naming of driver is changing October 2012 , this if true would it mean that they can put the onus on the registered driver to pay up
  3. Thanks for the replies willawait the follow up letters , I take it ignoring is still the best course of action,as I have read some posts stating a reply letter may help.
  4. Hi new user , I have read a lot of posts about the parking eye letters and how you should really just ignore them ,but I wondered if it makes any diffrence when the car you are driving is a company car , you are the registered driver with the company and the DVLA, but I am considering just ignoring this demand for money , but my worry is that will my company get wind of this or is it really just a matter between me and parking eye. If so I am bracing myself for the nasty letters and havent responded to the 1st letter and have read thats the best action. Any advice would be much obliged.
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