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  1. I had dealings with CIIS when my TV got knocked over, they asked all sorts of stupid questions, what age were my children, when were their birthdays etc, I refused to answer any of those not related to the claim. They claimed my TV weighed 54Kg and couldn't have been knocked over, the claim was then passed to another company who quoted the CIIS findings. I sent them a photocopy of the page in the manual that stated its weight as 27kg along with a letter questioning the judgement of people who couldn't even weigh a TV. The claim eventually got settled after 3 months but took lots of letters and phone calls to solve something that should be dealt with in a professional manner, I eventually threatened them with the insurance ombudsman.
  2. I'm new at this, could you please translate a few points for me It= who does this refer to Usually met with a c/o app What is a [DF] and how do I trace its history.
  3. Your right it doesn't make sense but it also doesn't make sense to award them £635/mth when our "spare" cash is £135, something doesn't add up somewhere.
  4. That sounds like good advice, its seems solicitors can't be trusted.
  5. There is a facility to send to first payment with the N245 form, we will send a cheque for £20 and make sure this paper work is sent directly to the court. As you say the up side is no more interest or charges. The frustrating part of this is that we communicated with Sygma and Drydens but they chose to ignore our efforts to find a solution and went ahead with a CCJ.
  6. Just checked the claim form and yes it says to send docs back to solicitors, so assuming then they didn't "bother" to pass the I & E on to the courts, that seems very immoral to me.
  7. Perhaps I should also ask the court if they saw our I & E and if not why wasn't it presented at the hearing. Don't want to stir up a hornets nest but also don't think it fair representation if they didn't.
  8. That would make sense, I can't believe the court saw our I & E form and then arrived at their judgement, surely that must be running very close to the wind for the solicitors.
  9. I can understand that £3.20 was a low offer but to then convert that to £635/mth is unbelievable, I have no idea how they arrived at such a high figure, if we could afford that we could afford the approx £30 a month that is the minimum payment. I can't find any template letters to send so will draft one myself explaining our situation and send that with the N245 form. Is there likely to be an point in contacting the claimant directly to see if something can be sorted?
  10. Can't be 100% sure, but think they were sent to the court. Going to send the I&E with the N245 form.
  11. There certainly seems to be a complete lack of logic behind their decision, but maybe there is an agenda here that I haven't considered. Yes we have property.
  12. If they don't accept it I don't know what we will do, there is no way we can pay £630 a month, we have cut everything to the bone as it is. How can a court expect people who are in financial difficulty to suddenly find that amount of money, if we had that much spare cash things would be a lot easier.
  13. just under £1,900, the current payment rate would see it cleared within 3 months.
  14. My wife and I have been struggling financially due to my being unpaid for the first 10 weeks of this year and this being followed by me being made redundant. Following this I was unemployed for 2 months, I have now found employment as a postman but my take home wage is approx £1,200 less than it used to be. We are keeping up to date with all our priority debts, we have fallen behind with non-priority debtors, now we have written to other debtors and most of them have agreed our reduced payment terms, HSBC seem to be ignoring our letters at present. My wife's Sygma card passed it onto Dryden Fairfax solicitors, despite our writing to both Sygma and Dryden Fairfax with our offer of reduced payment they decided to issue a CCJ. We filled out the forms supplied by the court and sent them a budget statement giving a detailed breakdown of our situation, our statement shown that we had £135 available to distribute amongst non-priority debtors which we did on a pro-rata basis, this allowed £3.20 per month for this account. Today we had a letter back from the court stating that "The claimant has objected to the rate of payment you offered", it then states that the court has decided on a rate of £635.81 per month. There is no possible way we can pay this amount, I have downloaded and filled in a N245 form offering a payment of £20 per month, we can afford to stretch to this. Is there any other action I should/can take at this point ? Should I send a letter with the N245 form asking how the figure of £635.81 was arrived at and then explain our current situation ?
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