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  1. Having looked back I see that they have 14 days to reply is that working days? However they have replied and said they are looking into it for 2 accounts, is that all they are required to do within this time scale or should they send the copies of the agreements in 12+2 days? Sorry to be this thick.
  2. Just to bring you up to speed partner has now received 2 replies from Barclaycard stating that they are looking into the request for the credit agreement. Only 2 replies from the 3 Barclaycard accounts so far, I'm not sure how long this normally takes but they do seem to be taking their time. Will let you know if I have any further news
  3. Having to send by post for credit report as no working credit card available to partner at this time (or ever I suspect)
  4. have found the letters will make sure they are sent in the morning and will be back to you when I hear more Should I ask partner to contact the creditcard companies for copy statements or wait for replies to these letters I think that copy statements are about £5 each so I will try and uncover any we have here anyway
  5. No they are still with Barclays and capital one at present I will find the letter from the library and will post tomorrow, would you recommend that I send recorded or am I just being paranoid?
  6. Just wanted to say thanks for your time with this I have never felt so completely lost and out of my depth and I really appreciate that you seem to know what your doing with this
  7. definately no payments being made at present No we havent checked him credit file do we go to Experian or someone like that for this
  8. OK Capital One 10 to 12 years approx barclaycard No 1 around 8 years My daughter is a named card holder on this account so I have concerns for her credit rating also Barclaycard No 2 was a morgan Stanley so also around 8 years Barclaycard No 3 its a zero rate card so I would think not too long (will try and get the answer from him tonight)
  9. He would be happy for me to deal with all of this for him and would sign a letter to that effect but I feel overwhelmed by the whole thing and although I really want to be able to help him find a route through this I feel it is more appropriate that he work alongside me to deal with it reather than I take over the responsibility of trying to do it on my own for him
  10. Sorry I should have been clear I wrote the letters and the income and outgoings (which I found the forms for on the internet) and he signed them.
  11. I believe from what I can find (that he hasnt hidden/lost) that the accounts have missed payments and barclaycard keep ringing for him so i suspect unpaid for around 3 to 4 months. So all I guess are in default. I can possibly find quite a lot of the statements but certainly not all (I didnt realise that there were 3 separate Barclaycard accounts) Is it possible that if he asks they would supply copy statements although I think they may charge for this
  12. Could anyone please advise me further. My partner has managed to rack up credit card debts of in excess of 16K (he has Aspberger's and has spent everything we have plus a lot more that we don't on pursuing his 'special interests') We are on government benefits only and to date I have written 3 letters to Barclaycard one for each of the cards he has and a fourth to capital One enclosing a budget statement and asking if they would be prepared to write off the debt due to my failing health and care costs. this was 3 weeks ago and I have heard nothing other than this months statement for 1 of the
  13. I did wonder if that might be the case. So advise is just ignore the letter for the time being. Thanks
  14. I bought a laptop on finance in december paid my deposit signed and returned the agreement got laptop. Today I got a letter asking if I would send a copy of the credit agreement as they have no trace of it should I just ignore this letter and see what they do next? or should I get a copy off to them?
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