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  1. I was sincerely hoping for some insight
  2. I hope this is the right forum, feel free to move if not. I bought a wood and glass display cabinet and paid £25 delivery charge. The driver phoned to say they would arrive between 1 and 4 on Saturday. I queried them to ask if they were still delivering at 20 to 5 on the delivery date and they said they were a few minutes away. They arrived at 5.20 and one delivery man carried the glass shelves in and the 2 of them the cabinet. I have ordered items from the firm before and have always had to sign on delivery. I turned to get a pen and the drivers were literally running away. I then no
  3. to clarify , as there may have been too much info in my first post, I'm asking for advice on what is the best course of action in dealing with the debt collection agency? also has anyone had dealings with P&J debt collection services ?
  4. I have just joined the forum today and hope its OK to ask for help with an alleged debt issue. I was with a dental practice this year as a private patient. The service was poor and there were a lot of delays. At one point I saw 3 seperate dentists about a single issue and received 3 seperate diagnosis'. At this point I refused to pay £31 to have a dental implant fitted for a third time in a matter of monthes and told the practice I would look for a new dentist if I wasn't satisfied. The dental implant came out for a third time a few weeks later. With all the delays my dental health
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