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  1. Yes, she is paying £10 a month under a DMP.- a rate that will take her 112 years to settle the full debt. As I said - the object of the exercise is to negotiate a F&F settlement - as low as possible. Thanks
  2. Here we go - perhaps this will be the letter from NatWest: [ATTACH]38898[/ATTACH]
  3. As said elsewhere, I am endeavoring to help a friend who 'inherited' a lot of debt when her marriage failed. As a matter of course I (she) made CCA requests to all her creditors. One item was a personal loan. This loan was a consolidation of her current account and previous loan, made in 2005. It went into arrears is is being paid off at £10 a month under a self administered Debt Management Plan. The current balance is £13,500ish. Today a reply came from NatWest saying they had 'misfiled' the original agreement. It also said "Our record of setting up the loan has insufficient
  4. Please be advised - DO NOT TALK TO THEM ON THE TELEPHONE - EVER. Don't wait for them to contact you by telephone - write and tell them 'all further communications in writing'. Take control and good luck.
  5. Right, that's done and will go signed-for delivery tomorrow. I don't think I have left any room for doubt about what their responsibilities are.
  6. On the 1st October I sent a SAR to RBS, listing account numbers, etc. Today (19th) a reply arrived, enclosing the original £10 cheque. In it it says:: "It appears that your request may be in connection with PPI and, rather than complete a full Subject Access Request on all of your current and historic banking with us, we are able to provide you with summary loan and PPI details." It goes on to provide partial information on PPI. It also invites me to send the cheque back along with further details of the information required if the request isn't about PPI. I really am a
  7. Well, you might be unlucky, if it is for a PPI claim because it is not in their 'interest' to 'have kept' such information. On the other hand you might be unlucky if it is for a debt to them because they 'may just happen to have' such information. The only way to know is to send a Subject Access Request, and that will cost you a tenner. That should get you copies of everything they have about you. But from 1999 - don't hold your breath.
  8. Well, I know well what I would do with a God-given promotional opportunity like this: Get your local Newspaper, radio station and TV station involved. This is good community newsworthy stuff. Get maximum mileage out of it for your association and shame NatWest into getting it right. Perhaps you will even get another bank coming along and offering you an account. Good luck.
  9. Amazingly enough, a friend of mine was in the same situation as you. Same bank, similar dates, a similar amount of debt and in a DMP. Earlier this year I helped her make PPI claims on the most recent (still live) loan account and the previous (rolled-forward) account. The claim on the still-live account was settled in eight weeks by cheque. NatWest 'lost' the other, older claim so we (she) re-submitted it. They then identified a previous linked account (from 2002) and paid out on both, again by cheque. The total paid out was just under £10,000 To say my friend was surprised an
  10. Simple as that, eh? Thank you for the quick response, at least it gives me an 'ultimate threat'. Hope I can get it without that though. Brigadier - I must liken you to Kipling's Six Wise Serving Men - all rolled into one.
  11. As previously said, the Citizens Advice Bureau were involved in this matter several years ago. It would be very useful to have copies of letters, dates, etc. There may well be things lurking in their records that we do not know about. My friend has asked them for this today by telephone and has been told there is about "two reams" of paperwork and that is too much for them to copy. They suggest that she attend their office and select the things she wants copies of. Of course, this would probably end up as a bigger task than copying it all. I am still tyrying to 'negotiate' a sol
  12. Do I SAR NatWest or RBS? I need all info on three NatWest bank accounts, a NatWest credit card and a Tesco credit card. Am I right to assume one SAR should cover them all? Thanks.
  13. As I have alread said, I have just sent off a CCA request letter to NatWest relating to the loan. I am keeping my head down on the two 'newly found' overdraft accounts as they may be close to becoming statute barred. I intend to SAR NatWest. Is any point in waiting until the CCA reply comes or should I just go ahead and SAR them immediately? Thanks
  14. PPI dealt with and paid-out by cheque. Penalty charges rolled over? I will have to bone-up on that. This may yet turn into a labour of love.
  15. The DMP was set-up by the Citizens Advice Bureau in 2006. She pays the creditors directly by direct debit. There are no fees involved. The debts (loan and two credit cards) are reducing but very slowly due to the small amounts she can afford to pay. My plan in this is to achieve as small a F&F as I can for each debt. Obviously, anything better than that is a bonus - it will teach them not to consolidate loan after loan and pile-up the debt and charges.
  16. CAs going recorded delivery this afternoon. Thought I would wait for the responses before SARing the OC. Just noticed your signature re Noodle - will give it a try too.
  17. No statements on the overdraft accounts for years. Loan statements arrive annually.
  18. Forum virgin so please be gentle with me. I am endeavouring to help-out an old friend who was left with well about £35,000 of debt when her marriage failed seven years ago. When her (ex)husband's business failed she naively took out credit cards and a loan to try to help him. Needless to say, he is long gone but the debts still remain. Fortunately, I am in a position to help her with an interest free 'loan' to settle some of her debt but certainly not to the tune of £30,000+. She had progressively cleared some of the debt under a DMP (set up by the CAB in 2006) and was left wi
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