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  1. You can be identified from this attachment -I suggest you edit your name out of it immediately.
  2. I imagine that will come as a great relief to you.
  3. Right - how about a game of spot the errors? What can you see that may invalidate this CCA? To get it started how about.... No reference to the T&Cs. No signature by the creditor. Over to you now....
  4. I would love a letter like that I would enjoy writing back and saying that, 'as a Mormon I find that suggestion offensive' It would be worth the stamp just to see the reply. More seriously, I too would be surprised if they are not Statute Barred. A bit of homework/research may well stop this in its tracks. Good luck
  5. Thanks Brig - point taken. Do you have any views on the letter itself or the tone of it, please?
  6. Thanks Brig Just following the advice on National Debtline about the 'without prejudice' bit. At present I see it as an invitation to negotiate. If it is refused I can always follow-up with a shorter (without the Without Prejudice) letter acknowledging their refusal to accept this F&F. I was also of the opinion that this would be unlikely to see the inside of a court due to the misfiled CCA. What do you think? Thanks.
  7. Following on from the advice I have received here, I have drafted a F&F letter to NatWest. Please can anyone advise me if this is a suitable letter, given the current circumstances? Comments, suggestions and advice are, as always, more than welcome. [ATTACH]38968[/ATTACH]
  8. She has no recollection of having received any Terms and Conditions - she certainly has no record/copy of any. On re-reading the CCA I cannot find any reference to T&Cs (but my eyes are knackered). Presumably this is relevant to the enforcement of the agreement? Or am I missing something here? Thanks LTK
  9. Sorry, that is down to me. I should have mentioned that it came with a photocopied standard set of terms. Of course, I don't know if these were the terms applicable back in 2002. Here they are (scanned as two separate pages for easier reading): Also enclosed was a signed copy of her most recent statement. [ATTACH]38956[/ATTACH]
  10. Here is a scan of the CCA sent by Tesco Bank. Please can anyone advise me if there are any omissions or discrepancies that would help me in negotiating a (low) F&F settlement? I notice it doesn't contain either APR or term - is this relevant on a credit card CCA? [ATTACH]38953[/ATTACH] Advice appreciated.
  11. Thank you CitizenB. A name, particularly of someone approachable, is a great help.
  12. In helping a friend to deal with her debt problems, I wrote to her creditors requesting copies of Consumer Credit Agreements. Tesco responded with a photocopy of a signed agreement for an account that is in default and being (slowly) paid under a DMP. I have read posts on here about checking the validity of agreement (interest rates, minimum payments, etc) but much of the information seems very dated. So, my question is: 'Is there any advantage in checking the validity of a credit card CCAs now and, if so, does anyone have a link or advice to help me in making the check?' I a
  13. Good luck with it. I made two and they 'rolled-over' without a word and they even found a linked account with PPI - came to about £9000 in total.
  14. Thank you Citizen and Bandit - that is a course of action I would be comfortable with at this stage. A nasty one, eh? Better than a reasonable one in some ways - I wouldn't want to end up feeling guilty.
  15. Yes, along with 2 (probably) statute barred debts and a credit card (also in default).
  16. On checking my records it seems that the original offer of £2,100 (21st May) was NOT actually refused. I made this offer directly to NatWest at Telford. I was simply referred to Moorcroft. Before I could discuss the matter with Moorcroft, NatWest appointed Fredrickson. I have only just now got Fredrickson to deal directly with me. In view of this, perhaps I should just refer Fredrickson to my previous F&F offer whilst pointing out to them that the debt is not now enforcible and my friend is even less in a position to maintain payments than she was in May. Opinions sought, pl
  17. Right, time to ask for advice on moving this forward toward a F&F settlement. Briefly; Account balance - £13,500 Current monthly payment under DMP - £10 CCA has been misfiled Default notice issued in April 2008 I hope to negotiate a low F&F settlement. I made an offer of £2,100 about 3 months ago and it was refused (before I knew the CCA was misfiled). What order should things now be done in? Do I (on behalf of my friend): 1. Immediately put the account into dispute? 2. Stop the monthly payments? 3. Continue with the monthly payments? 4. Ju
  18. Hi Rob and thanks for your concerns - it's not just the good advice that makes these forums so useful but also the feeling that other people really do care. Fredrickson have just become involved in the last couple of months - as a result, I suspect, of Moorcroft making a bit of a pig's ear of two of the three alleged debts. Fortunately I have now determined that two debts are statute barred (thank you, Moorcroft) and this third one has a 'misfiled CCA'. With a bit of luck, my friend's dealings with Fredrickson will be fairly short-lived and quite possibly her dealings with NatWe
  19. Thanks Bandit - I had seen it but is handy to have it attached here. It will be getting some scrutiny soon methinks.
  20. Thanks for that Brig. Debt avoidance was never part of the plan however, a suitably low F&F settlement would save the trouble of chasing unfair charges that were levied on previous debts that were rolled forward into this one. Advice on how best to get a low F&F would be appreciated.
  21. Just to give me some further clues on what F&F might be acceptable, does anyone know what sort of 'selling price' a debt like this would have, if they sold it on? I think I should say, "I am beginning to smirk a bit". :-)
  22. "Our record of setting up the loan has insufficient detail to enable us to recreate the agreement with the required degree of certainty that is required". Does that mean they can or cannot reconstitute the agreement?
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