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  1. You can request a detailed breakdown of how they arrived at the final figure.
  2. RBS take months to fulfill a SAR. I made one on 2nd October and received the most recent bundle of data last Saturday. Of course, I have no way of knowing if there is still more to come.
  3. I have just been through the same scenario with RBS/NatWest. SAR on 3rd October and still getting bits and pieces up to a week ago. I got info on NatWest loans back to 1993 but NatWest credit card only sent 6 years worth. Got bank statements back to 1998. They gave me the run-around too, returning the cheque, sending only PPI stuff, etc. It is down to inefficiency and/or awkwardness.
  4. I have just received a PPI offer from Halifax credit card. They initially refused it but I got there in the end. I recommend you check the offer figure before you accept it. Mine was £1400 short. They send the cheque out soon after their offer. I think this is in the hope that people will just bank it quickly without checking the offer figures.
  5. Watch your arguments based on being self-employed. A director of a limited company is usually in the position of being employed by that company. I am not saying 'give up', just be careful.
  6. Good to see that - hope afew more get the same. It's time there was some publicity about lenders under-calculating the recompense due/offered in the knowledge that most people will accept whatever they (the lender) say is due. As bad as being slow to make the payments is, this bit of conjuring could be costing genuine honest claimants thousands of pounds.
  7. I don't understand why cells H63, H65, H64 and H66 don't use the same formula as the other column H cells, Whatever, still a lot different to their offer.
  8. Do your homework, keep a paper-trail and have a go. It is only the cost of a few stamps, isn't it? In the last five months I have had three PPI payouts from RBS (with another claim still with the FOS) and in the last week Halifax capitulated (without the FOS) and made an offer after pointedly turning down my claim. As you know, PPI is costing the banks billions. They will use whatever tactics they can to minimise this figure. Enough people drop their claim to make it well worthwhile for the banks to employ teams of people just to turn down applications. IIRC the FOS upheld 8
  9. Good luck Simon, it may be a bit of a haul but once your have divided your payout by the amount of hours you have put in you will be on a very nice hourly rate.
  10. This one appears on here very regularly. Why not sign with a slightly amended signature? They won't notice a small change but you would in the unlikely event it 'appeared' on another document.
  11. No danger at all in my opinion. You are just collecting information as is your right under statute. If they ask for as signature at the branch, in your place, I would sign. If you still don't feel comfortable with this, do a slightly different signature to your normal one.
  12. I think you will find my answer to that in post number 5 (above)
  13. Right, received some and lots more still to come. Presumably you had a plan when you sent these requests so what are you hoping to achieve?
  14. OK. The have sent you a reconstituted copy of the agreement that they say complies with S.78 so this must be a credit card. It seems that they are going to send you a copy of the original as well - very good of them. Let's wait and see what you end up with and then we can have a proper look. How old is the debt? When did you last make a payment on it? Is it defaulted? Is it on your Credit Reference Agency files? If you want to post your agreement on here (anonymously of course) we can have a look at it. There are much cleverer people than me on here who can help. J
  15. Did you make a section 60/61 request?
  16. It will be a fairly standard letter. First off - DO NOT SPEAK WITH THEM BY TELEPHONE., Keep everything in writing and keep copies of everything. If you do go to the FOS this will all help you. It seems they telephone a lot of claimants - always 'just a couple of quick questions'. These are loaded questions to help them to refuse the claim. Have you made the claim yourself or through a Claims Management Company? If you have used a one you need to read their small print to ensure that you won't end-up sorting this out for yourself and then still having to pay them their percentage
  17. Although you probably already know from reading the forum: It is imperative that you do NOT EVER speak to them by telephone. Keep everything in writing and keep copies of everything you send or receive.
  18. First and foremost, no debt is worth making yourself ill over. There are many people out there with life threatening illnesses that would gladly swap positions with you. There is light at the end of the tunnel and there is life-after-debt. Keep your chin up, things are already getting better now you have accepted the current situation and come here seeking advice. Remember, you are not alone, many of us are in similar situations. It will come right for you. Good luck.
  19. Complaint letter done yesterday and to be posted today. Of course, they went through their usual rigmarole of sending a letter listing asking if it was a PPI enquiry first, then a letters saying no PPI on mortgage, etc. Obviously, most SARs are to do with PPI so they seem to cover this first, before starting on the proper SAR stuff. This will be my third chase-up letter.
  20. A long time coming (19 months) but well done anyway. Take it from me, not having a NatWest account is another bit of good luck for you.
  21. Thanks for that CitizenB. So I got it half right then? Not to worry though, the Tesco stuff isn't worth an extra tenner so I'll let them off for now. I wonder why NatWest Credit Cards are not sending me anything some 4 months after making the SAR whilst NatWest themselves are. Looks like a follow-up letter will be in order.
  22. In October I sent a SAR to RBS. I listed five account numbers; three bank accounts, one NatWest credit card and one Tesco credit card. To date I have received information relating to the three bank accounts but nothing whatsoever relating to either of the credit card accounts Should I have sent separate (additional) SARs to NatWest credit cards and Tesco credit cards?
  23. Been there - done that - still doing it. Let me guess, your refusal letter wasn't final - it said "If you do not agree with my decision please contact us on....". Not dealing with Mrs Williams by any chance, are you? This is a favourite ploy - ringing and asking questions and then refusing. They have failed to answer two more letters from me containing additional medical information. I made a formal complaint last week and a SAR is off to them today. It wouldn't surprise me me if, after getting into so much PPI trouble due to paying staff bonuses for mis-selling, they are now
  24. My personal opinion is that many lenders have a number of 'hoops' they will make you jump through. These hoops get progressively smaller as you get nearer to your target. There are thousands, if not millions, of people out there who are making payments on non-existent or unenforceable agreements. If all these people were clued-up it would cost the banks billions. We know it and the banks know it. Lenders who have kept their houses in order should have no problem providing copies of agreements and would happily do so at the first request - because they have nothing to fear. They
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