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  1. Evening. Just had a phone call from fos. Bad news. Told they can't pursue the complaint any further as the case was settled in 2005 and they didnt start dealing with CCA cases until April 2007. So disappointed, but not much else I can do. They are confirming this in writing. Unless anyone has any other advice I think I'm done now ;(
  2. thanks dx. Been reading a few threads about GE and PPI and seems to be a standard letter they like to send out. What about the £100 they offered? Should I be accepting that? I phoned fos this morning to tell them I have more information and guy wasnt that helpful, basically said, just to put my reference number at the top of letter and send info to them.
  3. hi dx, this is my first and as they state "final response" to my PPI letter. I didnt mention CCA sec56. Should I respond to this letter, or just straight to FOS? Their letter says to contact either CAB or Financial and Leasing Association.
  4. update: Received letter from GE stating final response to PPI. They will not be taking it further as they only provided the finance for the PPI, they did not sell us it???? What do I do know. They tell me to take it up with Weatherseal?? Also, another letter from GE...if you have read the whole thread, remember I mentioned I spoke with an advisor at GE who informed me that they sold on the debt in Aug05, not July04 as Link stated and also interest had been frozen. Well....today, finally after complaining, received this info in writing. Full account statement received, confirmation of date sold, and frozen interest. This is the belter...they offered me £100 for the inconvenience. This may be a stupid question, but do I accept this? Im scared to accept incase they say, "we gave you £100, your getting nothing else" Any advice peeps?
  5. Hi and thanks for all the support and advice I've received here. Just to let you all know, all relevant documents have been sent off to fos and it is indeed just a waiting game now. I would love to see something back from Link, but in all reality my heart is telling me we have been well and truly scammed by them. Even my overcharging cheeky git solicitor more or less told me to give up, and we are wasting our time. I can just hope fos see our side. I've also sent off my letter and spreadsheet to GE to reclaim the PPI on the loan, another waiting game. This made me ill all these years ago and I refuse to give them the satisfaction again. I'll be patient and see what comes back. Even if I got a letter saying this "mickey mouse getup" has been fined, I would jump for joy! No money in my pocket, but something out of their greedy ones. I will keep you all posted. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed. Thanks again to everyone for your words of support and advice.
  6. Well that's letter finally off to fos after stressful few days. This morning almost tipped me over the edge when I received a letter from my solicitor, who I spoke with on the phone for a total of 20minutes tops!! He basically wrote to confirm what he had told me during the call (which i never asked for) and slipped in a bill for £48!!!!! Red mist...blue air this morning!!!
  7. Letter from Davis &Co, Solcitor was Nicola R Chard....she was legal director for First National from 1998 to 2004 But why are they using Links address? This is just getting tooooo mental now. Total head mush.
  8. Ok, now I think my digging has uncovered even more. The letter from Davis & Co....has ref SC05 at top. Now the last lady at Link I spoke with, informed first contact was letter 29/10/05 - Code 1848 - letter to debtor, balance paid in full....BUT... the at top of activitie and memos report...the first date is 22/6/01 - SC05!!! Link have been involved with this from the very beginning !!! Now what the cuss do I do?
  9. If we had received it, it would have been straight to dmp as all correspondence from creditors went to them. Especially something like this. DMP sent me all the legal documents they held on account and its not in there either. There is a bit at bottom of our time to pay that states "Sherrif having heard Pursuers agent on time to pay direction refuses same: grants decree in absence as craved with expenses of £303.15" First of me seeing that too. When I called court the first time, the woman told me none of the parties turned up to court that day. It also has Act: Malcolm....Alt:Absent. Now, Im assuming act is their solicitor and alt is us. Why is sheriff calling him by first name ? His name is Mr Spiers. Also she told me no parties were there! I think there was friendly friends going on there!
  10. Just asking again, as never got it answered before. I got copies from the court, our time to pay direction application and the extract decree. Now, we never received the original extract of decree, should we have? I would have thought it would have came to be signed for, no? Im starting to think that FN went to court for decree and gave up. Decided just to take the £44 per month and at end of the 8years would have got back the loan amount. Would they use the decree as "back-up" if we missed payments? Dont know if this make sense or not, but like I said previously, even talking with FN on phone, not one of them ever mentioned the decree.
  11. Anyone? Should I just go straight to fos or just write back to Llyods and push further?
  12. Thanks for the info guys. Ben, as far as I know, the court only knew of FN, when I asked about "transfer of ownership", they didnt know anything about it. Was advised to seek legal advice. Some interesting cases there, thanks. skintandfat, the inhibtion is something I have to investigate closer. We never received the schedule of inhibtion from ANYONE, either court or pursuer. I know that on the intial writ were the words, "to grant warrant to arrest on dependence" as far as I know, thats an arrestment on wages. When I asked the court about the inhibition, they never knew nothing about it. The whole process stinks to high heaven.
  13. Thanks both of you AGAIN. Pencils stick is a great idea. Will get on to it tomorrow or probably Monday, have friends coming for drinks tonight, so tomorrow will be more fuzzy than usual..ha I've also been told I've not to talk about it tonight, so I'm sticking to it. Tonight wont be drink free but it will be Link free...ha (I'm on fire already) Thanks again
  14. Ahhhh, I get you now hates (I was a bit slow on uptake there) I see, I see. Now, if thats the case, they got the LOT and they breached their own terms so to speak. Im the fool for paying, I know that. But, this is still another arrow to ping right in their faces!
  15. Thanks dx. Thats what Im getting scared of (saying the wrong thing and just writing a letter full of obscenities) Will fos look into all this kind of stuff for me, or do I have to refer to these sections of cca for them? I can send copies of original agreement, the docs I got from link from sar, their response, should I quote from telephone convos or will they not take that into consideration?
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