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  1. Even.though i have checked equifax and experian which are clear? I.note theres a fee and as a result of the cheque iv virtualy penniless.
  2. I am writing a cheque for the original ordered amout of £2650 today i rang the court today who said a ccj order had been registered against me in may but i checked my credit file and i have nothing on there. I said this to the courts who were unsure. Yesterdays hearin was for further costs. Could it be that nothing will be registrd until the whole case is over? Cannot risk.q ccj. Thanks
  3. no because at the time we were in a rush as it was heavy snow and the dental surgery was also closing early because the weather was so bad. i work in the nhs and it was a genuine mistake when i was unwell also.
  4. im not entitled any nhs help it was filled in error as my partner filled it. i work full time yes the word penalty is used.
  5. hi i sent the letter. they have sent a response sayin £209.00 for dental services (i jus had a polish!) and a £100 penalty for claiming incorrectly plus a further £50 on top for not payin the penalty within 28 days. so a total of £359. what should i do now? i cannot agford that.
  6. thanks andy. now heres hopin i can turn the whole thing around. the stress from this has proper caused me ill health. glad i have a few months of peace. really need it so i can get some strenght back. i bet cl is annoyed. every cloud
  7. heres hoping that my presence when the hearing happens will make a difference.
  8. should i pay the £45? its not definate u see it will adjourn. cashier says i could pay it abs see what happens or allow that defence i wrote to be read? what should i do???
  9. need some urgent help. cashier has rang said it will be £45. not guarenteed to defer the hearing but judge will hear whether to defer or not today or i can let my defence be read out. what to do???? need to let them no asap. pls help.
  10. still not heard from court to make pymt. hearing is tommorw. do u think even if i manage ro get to pay the £80 today it will be cancelled tomrw? im thinkin its too short notice and im flyin out early tomorw on work business. worried sick.
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